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Copyright Law and the Artist

What images can I use for free from the internet? Copyright issues are becoming an important aspect of students' and educators' work on the internet. Read about some copyright myths (Archive), and licensing still images. You can read about copyright law and the internet, and you must see The Copyright Website (Archive). The latest copyright news and legislation can be found at Educators have some additional rights to copyrights. You may visit Copyright and the Visual Arts [Archive] for questions and counsel. There is an interesting site talking about the copyright extension that was passed by our legislators.

If you're not sure about the status of a copyright, you can enter the title and/or author of the work at the U.S. Copyright Office. See the Teachers Guide to Copyright for more information.


Quick Reference - Public Domain Criteria

Date of Work



Created 1/1/78 or after

When work is fixed in tangible medium of expression

Life + 70 years (or if work of corporate authorship, the shorter of 95 years from publication, or 120 years from creation

Published before 1923

In public domain


Published from 1923 - 1963

When published with notice

28 years + could be renewed for 47 years, now extended by 20 years for a total renewal of 67 years. If not so renewed, now in public domain

Published from 1964 - 1977

When published with notice

28 years for first term; now automatic extension of 67 years for second term

Created before 1/1/78 but not published

1/1/78, the effective date of the 1976 Act which eliminated common law copyright

Life + 70 years or 12/31/2002, whichever is greater

Created before 1/1/78 but published between then and 12-31-2002

1/1/78, the effective date of the 1976 Act which eliminated common law copyright

Life + 70 years or 12/31/2047, whichever is greater


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