Incredible Middle School / Jr. High Art Lessons

Middle School Art Lessons

Welcome to the home page of Jr. High / Middle School level art lessons! The lessons are now categorized by grade level, subject, integration, art period, artist, and medium. (See below) Do you have a lesson to contribute? Just click on the "Submit a Lesson" link here or in the side column.


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Lessons By Grade Level

Grades 6 - 8 (Ages 11 - 14)


Watercolor Techniques New!

Wayne Thiebaud Pop Art

Setting the Stage

Line, Color and Movement

Art Museum Field Trip

Enlarging the Mona Lisa

Impressionism with Self Portrait
3D Paper Animal Masks
Masks and Maskmaking
Aboriginal Dot Painting
Abstract a la Sol Lewitt & Cy Twombly
Monsters and Aliens
Plastic Flowers Experiment
Architecture Around the World
Clay Critter Banks
Van Gogh Watercolor Fields
Islamic Tile Drawings
Adinkra Prints
Matisse Self-Portraits
Emily Carr Trees
Depicting Birds in Nature
Watercolor Tropical Animals
The Color Game
Cubist Self-Portraits
Pasta Puzzles
Gargoyle Ceramic Lidded Box
Two Abstraction Lessons
African Art: Mask Unit Plan
Color Theory Practice
Sculpey dolls
Delphi Stained Glass
Hands in Art
Fish Lesson Plan Ideas
Hand Camouflage
Seurat "Grande Jatte"
Arm and Face Cast
Abstract Animal Scratch Art
Life Cycle Mandalas
Expressive Self Portraits
Life Size Paper Mache Figures
Pablo Picasso Lessons
Life Sized Renaissance Clothing
Peacemaker Quilt Project
Personal Story Sculpture
Art Room Rules
Batik Lanterns
Positive/Negative Bugs
How to Stay Creative
Fused Glass Landscape
Fused Glass Frame
Circular "Mandala"
Animal Sculptures
Cut Paper Portraits
Exploring Painting With the Fauves
Op Art Cube
Split face self-portrait
Monet Goes Outdoors and More!
Paper Mache Grotesques/Gargoyles
Greek Theater Masks
Hawaii: Art and Its People
Lines in Space 3-D Wrapped Sculpture
Clay Animal Sculptures
Creative Clay Houses
Ceramic Draped Slab Masks
Ceramic Masks #2
Masks Around the World
Wire Sculpture
Polymer Clay Figures
Clay Animation
Colored Pencil Design
Romare Bearden Collage
Silkscreen Self Portraits
Dürer Watercolor
Cut Paper Portraits
Digital Mandala Collage
Calder Utilitarian Design
Marisol/Thinking outside the box
Visual Puns or Composite Imagery
Expressive hands with Stippling value shading
It’s A Jungle Out There
Cezanne Style Still Life
MHandmade Paper from Plants
Shadow Box Mask
Figurative Sculpture
Amate Bark Paintings
Aztec Ceramic Suns
Personal Mandalas
Anamorphic Art
Hands in Art: Common Threads
Hard Edge Painting
I have a Dream Pastels
Heraldry and Illumination
Sports Cardboard Relief Sculpture
African Granary Doors
Figure Drawing Unit
Found Art
Collage/mixed media
Digital Self Portraits
Scratchboard portrait
Graffiti Name Tag
Comic Strip Design
Cartoon Sculptures
Thanks Paintings
Wire Gesture Sculptures
Altered Books
Artistic Flip Flops
Monochromatic Self Portraits
Artist Research Book
Personal Clay Box
Quilt Designing
Curiosity Cabinets
Elegant Art Nouvea
Paper Maché Masks
Constructivism Mixed media
Environmental Art
Radial Design Mandala
Mixed Media Mixing
Grid Value Lesson
Days of the Dead
Arm and Face Casts
Collage Flip-Flops
Papier Maché Monsters
Copper Tooling
Torn Paper Collage Portrait
Flowers a la O'Keeffe
Altered Books 2
Cut Up Painting Collage
Foil Cardboard Relief Portraits
Etching Copper or Brass
White-On-White Sculptural Faces
Elements of Art Book
Paper Sculpture Headdress
Night Sky Paintings
Notan Collages
Notan Masks
Portrait Sculptures
Stamp Quilts
Shaving Cream Marbling
Thinking Like Picasso
Paper maché Masks/Heads
Collaborative Masterpiece Mural
Paper Architecture
Life size figures
Wacky Ceramic shoes
Masks and More Masks!
Modified Contour Painting
Namely Me Matisse Collage
Freeform Shape Shading
Pointillist Portraits
Cartoon Modern Masks
Monster Transformation
The Ad Agency
Linear Perspective
Weaving Project
X-acto Radial Symmetry
Round Robin Construction
More than Masks
American Residential Architecture
Hieroglyphic Cartouches
Islamic Art/Eraser Prints
Portraits to Picasso
"Cave Painting" Art History
McTwisted Fast Food
Texture Scavenger Hunt
Miniature Ceramic Cliff Castles
Mysterious Creatures
Hidden Collages
Nylon Stocking Sculpture
Chinese Parade Dragons
Pastel Pointillism
Mimeograph Madness
Witches and Wizards Ceramic Marionettes
Heroes Portrait with Micrography
Flowers a la O'Keeffe
Lessons using Line, Shapes and Fill
Perspective Drawing
What Is Inside My Locker?
The Human Head and Picasso
Ceramic Picasso Face Vases
Abstract Shape Drawing
Pointillism Q-Tips
Pop Art Poster
Cubist Collage / Painting
Clay Animation
American Pride
America the Beautiful
African American Face Vessels
Faculty Photo Montage
Self-Portrait Mirror Pieces
Self-Portrait with Watch Parts and Tin
Artist Spotlight Webquest
Spinners of Color
Know the Artist!
Art in the Style of…
Still Life Fruit Salad
Coil basket Weaving
Horse Sculpture
Distorted Self-Portraits and Landscapes
Cast handmade paper
Wayne Thiebaud Pop Art
Paper Maché Hand
Living on the Edge
Expressive Contour Hands
Expressive Contour Hands Drawing
Beginning Weaving with Loom
Telephone Wire Basket
Multicolor collagraph prints
Monoprinting Stencils
Medieval Tessellations
Art With a Message
Found Object Sculpture
Amate painting
Personal Clay Box
Hands Collage
Mancala Sculptures
Relief Sculpture With a Message
Standing Fish Vessel
Sculpture a la Haring
Impressionist Self Portrait
Ceramic Personal Portraits
Surreal Hands
Bumper Sticker Design
Harmony Totems
7 Art Lessons
Monoprint Printmaking Challenge


Lessons Adaptable to Middle School


Micrography Self-Portraits NEW

Seven Ages Tattoos NEW

1, 2, and 3-Point Perspective NEW

Gesture Drawing New!

From Your Imagination

Owl Drawings

Starry Night Interpretation
Light Painting Photography
Fool Proof Printmaking
Introduction to Conceptual Art


Rhythm with Reflective Objects
Historical Narrative using Silhouettes
Pinwheel Modern Art Styles
Mimbres Pottery
Painting with Dots - Kirkland Style
Exploring Color Basics
Art of Japan

Fans for Japan
Japanese Scrolls
Fish Themed Silk Painting
Charcoal Erasure Drawing
Chinese Dragon Puppet
Design a Shoe Sculpture
Pop Art Tunnel Books
Shoes Everywhere!
Digital Portraits
Monotypes using Createx
Family and Commitment
Emotion in Art & Poetry
Portrait Diptych
Tagboard Collagraph Prints
Paper Pulp Painting
Student Teaching
Native American Sand Painting
Number Art
Art of the Inca
Value Gradation Drawing
Foil tooled Masks
Triptych Portraits
Back of Head Portrait
Sail Boat Watercolor
Schapiro Action Figures
Paper Maché Canopic Jars
Stenciled Pillow
Room With A View
Funny Faces Self Portrait
Dream Houses Drawing
Paper Mache Ideas
Mandala Pen and Ink Drawing
Wood Animalitos
Mancala Game Boards
2D & 3D Name Design
Christo Transformations
3D Ribbon Letters
African Paper Masks
Henri Matisse Multimedia
Animals in Art
Radial Name Design
Checkerboard Op Art
Cardboard Relief Prints
Petroglyph People
Rockin' Chalk
Self Portrait Lessons
Ceramic Storytellers
Art History Can Be Fun!
Red Hat Show
Cut Paper Relief Sculpture
Carborundum Intaglio Prints
Playing With Food Sculpture
Fashion Design From Nature
Mycenaean masks
Product Design
Linear Toothpick Sculpture
Hand Gestures with Text
Ceramic Relief Sculpture
Where's Waldo?
Opaque/Transparent Values Study
Artist Research Poster
Non-Objective Design Collage
Amate Bark Paintings
The Independent Project
Sharing Feelings from Slides
Too-loose Posters
Using the Internet
Gesture Drawing Ice Breaker
Sistine Fresco Tiles
Eating Fruit Pastel Drawing
ABC Creations
Metamorphosis-Progressive Drawing
Hand Made Paper Casts
Glass Drawings
Watercolor with Pen and Ink
Overlapping Pipes
Flip Books
Cut Paper Drawings
Drawing Emotions
M "Joseph Cornell" Box
Figure Drawing with Maps
Oaxacan Animal Sculptures
Concertina Photo Collage Book
Text as Texture
Whimsical Ceramic Tea Pots
Coil Vessels with Sgraffito
Ceramic Masks with a Message
Abstract Architecture Painting
Non-Objective Circle Design
Non Objective Cut Up Painting
Cubism Collage
Contour Drawing with Shading
Weave Drawing
Embossed Print
Abstract Figure Drawing
Abstract Letter Design
Road Map Relief
Pierced Drawing
Greek Architecture
Typography Relief Sculpture
Linear Wire Sculpture
Astract Expressionism Collage
Pop Art for Today
Design a Game
Ceramic Monsters
Romare Bearden Collage
Subtractive Plaster Sculpture
Nature Abstractions
Habitat Ceramic Slab Construction
Sentence Painting
Sidewalk Art Festival
David Hockney Photocubism
Monochromatic Painting
Arcimboldo Style Self-Portraits
Hot off the press
Photo Transfer Mixed Media
Printmaking for High School
Visual Puns
Hidden Images
Social and Political Issues in Art
Artists' UnBirthday
Sketchbook Ideas
Master Artist Star Book
Altered Books
Venetian Carnival Masks
Pop Art Sculpture
Pysanky Ukrainian Eggs
Non-Objective Design from Fine Art
American Gothic Parody
3-D Relief Painting
Puzzling Viewpoint
Illustrated Words
Sculptural Painting
Scratchboard Fantasy Scape
Artist Research
Make an Art History Time Line




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