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Modern Art Study Guidepdf - [Archive] This PDF document lists and explains modern art styles as well as lists popular artists and a bibliography.



Anime (アニメ)

Art by Country

Art History

Calligraphy - Lettering - Book Arts


  • Russell Akerman - British Studio Potter & Ceramic Artist. Traditional forms. Also see Echo of Deco slab formed functional ceramics by father and son team, Malcolm and Russell Akerman.

  • Clayton Bailey - Ceramics and robot assemblages. California artist.

  • Marie e.v.b Gibbons - Sculpture in clay and mixed media. From Colorado.

  • Dragana Jevtovic - Slip cast ceramics in three different decorating styles including African motifs of birds, feathers and geckos. Decorative utilitarian pieces. Dragana was born in Yugoslavia - now living in Cape Town, South Africa.

  • Kingsmill Studio Pottery - [Archive] With work by Canadian artist Bob Kingsmill.

  • Cheryl Tall - Ceramics sculptures and paintings. From California

  • Virginia Scotchie - A ceramic artist and area head of ceramics at the University of South Carolina in Columbia, South Carolina.

  • Taller de Artesania en Barro - [Archive] A pottery studio in Colima, Mexico.

Crafts - Wood - Miscellaneous


  • Cubism - From Artcyclopedia

  • Cubism Gallery Asada - An excellent gallery of Cubism art.

  • [Archive] - Cubistic art - links, images and free information on Cubism and Cubistic painters (Picasso, Braque etc)


Digital Art - Computer Graphics - Technology


Fantasy Art


  • Dale Chihuly - Perhaps the most famous glass artist.

  • Glass Art Society- whose purpose is to encourage excellence, to advance education, to promote the appreciation and development of the glass arts.

Graffiti Art

  • Anti-Graffiti Web Page, see the other viewpoint about graffiti art.

  • Art Crimes: The Writing on the Wall, a site with graffiti art. This is a great resource for graffiti art. Warning!! Teachers must review this site before they let students view these pages. This art is street art and has the potential for scenes not appropriate to students.

  • Graffiti Verite, a documentary that explores the eclectic world of hip hop and the urban graffiti artist. This is one of a series of movies. You can also buy or rent it.

  • Nevercrew - The site features paintings, street art, and graffiti. Their blog shows everything they do and their news on graffiti and street art.


  • Access Art: Impressionist - Thanks to such pioneering donors as Mrs. Potter Palmer and Frederic Clay Bartlett, The Art Institute of Chicago houses one of the largest and most significant collections of Impressionist and Post-Impressionist art in the world. Includes twelve images from the collection with detailed information. Lesson plans and glossary included.

  • Impressionism - A major movement, first in painting and later in music, that developed chiefly in France during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

  • Impressionism - Artcyclopedia Post-Impressionism

  • Techno-Impressionist Gallery

Italian Art

Native American Art


  • Ansel Adams - One of the most famous photographers. Was known for his landscape pictures in national parks.

  • Chang, Aaron - A photographer in Solana Beach, California.

  • Digital Photography Exhibit [Archive] - An international juried exhibit exploring new work created by artists who work with cameras and computers.

  • Erickson, Dale, a nature and wildlife photographer.

  • Fortier, Edmund - [Archive] Black and white photographs of Africa from 1900 to 1910 - From Centre Edmund Fortier. (some images for mature students - teachers should preview)

  • Glover, David - Fine art photography - images of the storm strewn California coast. Big Sur, Monterey, and Carmel, coastline. Close to the water, lots of motion, mostly during stormy weather at sunset. Special galleries include Carmel River mouth and Monterey’s Cannery Row.

  • Lamson, Susan - PhotoImpressions. Photographs are digitally rendered using Photoshop, painter, and Kai Soap - from Richmond, USA Be sure to see the Farmers' Market!

  • Lepage, Jean-Francois Photography [Archive]

  • Lost Trails - The Herodotus project which is a serialized translation of Herodotus along with extensive photography of many of the locations mentioned in the book so that a student of history can explore these sites in photographs while reading the text. Photographs by Shane Solow.

  • Herman Krieger - Photo Essays by Herman Krieger. Slice of American life - Humorous photographs of churches.

  • Mason, Teri - Photographer - Austin Texas. She loves working with children and new and expectant mothers. Brides and weddings are another favorite. At one time, Teri helped me with IAD and her work was appreciated.

  • McCurry, Steve - This artist's work has been featured in most national magazines, including National Geographic.

  • McNulty, Pat - Fine Art Photography Picture Gallery- You will see a variety of pictures here including free screensavers and wallpaper.

  • Mukerjee, Mala, a photographer from India.

  • Perry, Chris, a wildlife/nature/landscape/astro photographer in Minnesota.

  • Peterson, Moose- A well known wildlife photographer.

  • - With photographers, photos of the week and photographer directory.

  • Art Sinsabaugh Photographs - Landscape photography and more. Site from Indiana University Art Museum.

  • Woolcock, Bob - With amateur photography from Vietnam, Porsches, and more.

  • Zincone, Ronald - An astrophotographer. He has man images of night skies here. He grants art teachers permission to use his photos.

  • Zone Zero, a Top 100 website from The Net magazine.

Political/Courtroom Art

Prehistoric/Aboriginal Art



  • Early Christian Art, with art from the early ages. It includes architecture from around the world.

  • Sacred Art Gallery - They have a religious art gallery with reproductions and commissions.


  • Al Williams - AW Shadows - Unique wood carvings on barrels, boxes and more. Real family treasures!

  • Arthur Ganson - Kinetic Sculptures - Machines. Several with online video. Arthur is from Stoneham, MA

  • Carpenter, Richard - A sculptor who creates from pine needles.

  • Cary Lathan Weigand - Beautiful earthenware figures - with inspiration from Asian philosophies and Shamanism - focusing on awareness of mind, spirit, and environment.

  • Chasens, Caril - [Archive] A Canadian artist with very unique wood sculptures.

  • Dale Roberts - Sculptor from British Columbia, Canada. Alabaster and mixed media installations and sculpture

  • Dan Torpey's Automata: Fun, whimsical moving works of art. A little sculpture - plus invention - plus lots of imagination! I like Can Pigs Fly?

  • Elizabeth Berrien - Wire Sculpture - See Teaching pages and Workshops. California artist.

  • Eric Ehlenberger - Virtual art gallery of luminous art: sculpture and art installations by Eric Ehlenberger that incorporate neon light. Abstract and non-objective forms - wall mounts, floor sculpture, more. Geometric and organic. New Orleans artist. See also Glass Light Art Gallery.

  • Francisco Zúñiga (1912-1998) Latin American Sculptor - Figurative work for mature students. Born in Costa Rica - worked in Mexico. Site also has drawings and paintings.

  • Heidi Maiers - Portrait Sculptor - Portraiture in bronze and clay. Artist now living in Arizona.

  • Jacqueline Rush Lee - An artist who works with used books that are transformed into sculpture.

  • James R. Morrison Sr. - [Archive] Metal Sculpture inspired by ancient civilizations. Designed for walls and floors. Now working in California.

  • Joe Pogan Sculpture - Metal animal sculptures from found objects. Joe is from Oregon.

  • Lewis Goldstein Art and Design - Figurative Sculpture and dolls. Complete with tutorials for sculpting a Child doll's head and a caricature of an African woman.

  • Miller, Richard - Life size bronze figures, bronze relief and portrait busts. From Pontiac, Michigan.

  • Modo Gallery (Now Foundry) - Check out ceramic sculpture by Anita Fields - American Indian artist.

  • Nicario Jinénez - Art of the Andes - Contemporary artist - maker of Retablos - sophisticated art in the form of portable boxes filled with brightly colored figurines arranged into intricate narrative scenes. Nicario now lives in Florida.

  • Philippe Faraut - PCF Studios. Portraits and figurative sculpture. Excellent instructional book - Portrait Sculpting Anatomy & Expression in Clay by Philippe & Charisse Faraut.

  • Ralph Prata - [Archive] Concrete relief sculptures - carved and cast. Hand painted mats add a striking frame. Abstract works inspired by music. Work shows influence from tribal cultures. New York artist.

  • Scultori Italiani, a large collection of Italian sculpture.

  • Tom Haney - Figurative sculptures - Articulated Artwork from Atlanta, Georgia. Maker of one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted automata and other works of modern folk art. Carved wood -mixed media assemblages. Be sure and view the newest additions - Six new work on his site! Watch the short videos, too.

  • Wakan, Elias - Sculptor from British Columbia. Sculpture is inspired by an appreciation of geometric forms. Sculptures in wood.

  • Walter S. Arnold Virtual Sculpture Page - View the work in the Gallery section, where you can see Fireplaces, Gargoyles and other sculpture. Visit the Resources pages to learn how stone is quarried and carved.

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