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Free Things

Free Things for Teachers

These links include free art resources and general resources for teacher. I have excluded links to "free" things that give a condition, such as buying a program. I have also excluded shareware.

Arts & Crafts

Art and Design - A directory of many free resources including lessons, games, guides and more.

Arts and Ideas [Archive] - A page of free PDF's of articles ranging from Investigating Children's Drawing and Development in Art, Why Teach Art?, and Technology and the Artist's Hand to What Happens When We Make Art?

Free Craft Lessons [ Archive] - Nick Jr.'s page of free craft ideas for young children. Must use the Firefox browser to work.
Free Art Resources on the Web - [Archive] The Art Libraries Society of North America has a page of free resources.

Presenters' Resource - With free PowerPoints, tips, tutorials, interactive tools and links to free things on other websites.
New Art Teacher Success Guide pdf - . [Archive] This PDF is offered by Crayola..
Learn How to Draw and How to Paint - Browse this site to find free lessons, puzzles, and great resources for new art teachers.
Free Art Education Quick Reference Guide- You can get this by calling Delphi at (888) 281-5780.

New Teacher's Survival Guide pdf [PDF]- [Archive] a free guide with templates, checklists, grade sheets and more.

Online Coloring Pages - This site is loaded with free coloring pages in many subject areas.

Print Mandala - This site has free mandala design handouts.
TeachersFirst Resource Listing - This page includes a number of free art resources.


Animation Meat - With many animation tutorial eBooks by Disney instructor Walt Stanchfield.

Google Books - A huge selection of free online books that are searchable.

Internet Text Archives - A huge database of free books that can be downloaded for free.

Library of Congress, with manuscripts in the public domain.

Online Books Page, with a list of many online books in the public domain.

Page By Page Books - with free books in HTML format.

Project Gutenberg - A huge collection of books that have expired copyrights.

ReadPrint - a free, large online library with downloadable books for students and adults.

Certificates, Gradebooks, and Templates

Achievement Award Certificates - Download certificate templates in Word and PDF format for free.

Dye Tub - You can create your certificates online and then print.

ESL Printables - Free worksheets, lessons, and flashcards. You have to wade through all the ads at the top, but it's worth a visit.
ThinkWave Educator Gradebook - You can download this gradebook software for free.

Free Award Certificate Templates - You can create your own certificates online.
Free Monthly Planner - From Davis Publications.

Free Online Graph Paper/Grid Papers (PDF file downloads)
Legacy - With free certificates, books, cards, games and crafts.

Printable Art Certificates - These have some great free certificates.

Substitute Teacher Guide pdf - Although this is a checklist for subs, this is great for your first week of school.

Teachers Report Assistant - Produces report cards using Microsoft Word. Reports can be tailored to suit individual students. There is a comments library that goes with the program. Created by a Wales primary teacher .

Teacher Tools and Templates - From Education World

Worksheet Library - This site has free worksheets. The owners of the site describe themselves as struggling teachers. Although I didn't see any art worksheets, there are some that are good for integrated thematic instruction.

Computers, Technology, and Electronics

Art Education Videos - This blog is a collection of videos suitable for the K-12 classroom.

Computers for Learning - Need a computer? Register on this website to be hooked up with companies who are donating computers.

EDUTOPIA - Free tools from The George Lucas Educational Foundation.

PowToons - Create your own animation video and presentation. Thousands of teachers are already doing it.

Prezi - Create your own interactive presentations and present them to students and the community.

Yogile - Create Polaroids from your own photos for download or print. - They offer free educational videos.

Vyond - Similar to PowToons, this allows you to make free animated videos and presentations.

Discounted or Items on Clearance

Amazon's Clearances

Apple Computer Specials

Sax Arts & Crafts Web Specials (Bought out by School Specialty)

Tiger Direct Clearances

Utrecht Discounts

General Education

Classroom Resources - Free lessons and quizzes from Teaching Tolerance.

Portable Atlas (PAT) - With free topgraphical maps by country and region.
Free Teaching Templates - Includes templates for KWL,  Venn Diagram to compare and contrast, graphic organizers, and thematic web.

Reach Every Child - [Archive] Free bulletin board ideas for all subject areas.
Timesavers for Teachers - Download free forms, such as report cards, worksheets, incident reports, class list, parent contact sheet, and more.

Sudoku Puzzles to Print - If you like Sudoku, here is a page of free printables.

Free Stuff for Teachers - NEA's page of free resources.

Reward Charts 4 Kids - With charts that reward good behavior.

Teaching Tolerance - They have free resources, magazines, posters and more.
Free Tools and Resources for Your Classroom - A page with free lesson plans, ideas, teaching guides, and more.
Interactive Notes - [Archive] The Bureau of Engraving and Printing is making posters, $20 and $50 notes, and more available for download.
Free Handwriting Fonts - For primary teachers at You can download more fonts from the archive.
Bob's Place of Educational Links - [Archive] This page has many free resources, lessons, and more.

Index of Free Tools

Absolute Fonts - Download thousands of free fonts.

CoffeeCup - Free web design software for you and your school.

CRAM - Thousands of art flashcards submitted by teachers around the world.

EverNote - Create notes containing text and audio online. Send them to your wireless phone or computer. Their free software is available for both Mac and Windows.

Font Library - The fonts are free but require membership registration.

Fonts 2U - This site has a large collection of free fonts. Select by category.

Fonts 2 Write [Archive] - A great index of free fonts, free font viewers, and font managers

Freed Printables - This site has many free graphics, photos, and worksheets like crossword puzzles, games, and lessons.

Free Tools For Teachers [Archive] - Includes exam builders, worksheet, puzzles, certificates, gradebooks and more.

Google Fonts - Hundreds of free fonts for download.

Printable Paper - Print patterns on paper including graph, lined, music, dot, note, and many others. Download the patterns in PDF. Don't go out and buy graph paper, print it up in multiple ways from your printer.

Teacher Created Resources - A list of free brain teasers, calendars, teaching tips and more

Teachers Pay Teachers - With handouts, patterns, activities, illusions and more. Search by subject area.

Free Stuff for Canadian Teachers - With templates, assessments, seating chards, activities, and more.

Teacher Planet - With a large selection of free certificates, rubrics, tools, calendars and more.

Teacher Tools - With assessments, lesson plan templates, forms, activities, and more.

Quizlet - Create your own free flashcards and quizzes, and view what other teachers have created.


Computer Graphics magazine - Fill out the application and it's free.

Coroflot Magazine - About portfolios and creative jobs.

Classroom Idea Book - [Archive] This was the biannual teacher's magazine created by the A&E Television Network. You can find other free things on this page.

Rangefinder magazine - You have to qualify to get it free.

Trade Magazines - Get free subscriptions to over 100 magazines- no catch!
Women are Scientists Magazine - Get a free email newsletter and other resources.


Arts and Crafts Activity Kit - Scholastic magazine offers free printables. See all their other printables.

Common Sense Education - Free things to help you use video in your classroom.

Science Educational Material from Fusion Education- Get a free CD-ROM, videotape, CD, activities, pamphlets and more.

Pete's PowerPoint Station - Where you can download free PowerPoints for teachers to use for lessons. There are also PowerPoint collections and presentations.
U.S. Fire Administration's Free Publications - This page offers books, videotapes, and kits free of charge.

Online Tools

ProBoards - You can put up a free online bulletin board on your web page.

Discovery Education - [Archive] A page with free resources for teachers.

Localendar - A free calendar for your website. You can also use it for your own classroom.

Assign-A-Day - A free online assignment calendar. Great for students to view from home. - Get free internet service, websites, chatroom, resources, message board and more.

Teacher Tools - [Archive] A collection of online tools by The Matzat family

Science Related

Mars for Educators - A page from NASA with teacher freebies.
Teachers Manuals from the History Channel - This features the history of the Declaration of Independence, The Missouri River, the White House and more.
Ocean Surface Topography from Space - From the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory. With free posters, brochures, CD's and Slides. Plan a cruise to the Gulf of Mexico to study whales, explore El Nino or meet oceanographers.
NASA Promotional Materials - With PDF and Word documents.
Teach Free - [Archive] This site offers a free wellness kit and downloadable resources relating to nutrition and health.
Miss Maggie's Earth Adventures - With free lesson plans, spelling games and puzzles.
Gorilla Teaching Materials - The Gorilla Foundation is offering free teacher supplemental materials online.



Free Educational Software - Ray has several free software programs relating to word games, letters, symbols, and numbers.
GifBuilder for Mac OSX - This is free software that allows you to add animation to your website. Highly recommended! I use it on this website.
Info-Mac Software - A list of free art software for the Mac. Most require OS 9 Classic software.
Graphics Programs for the Mac - A list of freeware for the Mac.
Painting Goodies - A page with several free programs for the Mac. There is a free painting user's guide.
Absolutely Free Magazines - Free art magazines for iOS.


MSW Logo - A page of free software for Windows to draw logos and other objects. Includes interactive books.
BlackMagic - [Archive] Free Windows software for colorizing black and white photos.
Make a Town - Free Windows software for kids to create educational arts and crafts projects.
Segmation - a digital version of paint-by-numbers.

Both Platforms

Design Software - A page of Freeware and shareware art programs.

Dr. Pinkston's list of free software - [Archive] From a professor at Indiana University Southeast.

Exljbris Font Foundry - Download fonts for free.
Free Stuff for Canadian Teachers - You can get free software, samples, and other resources.

GIMP - A free GNU Image Manipulation Program. Read the online magazine on how to use GIMP.

Google Sketchup - A free 3D software program by Google.

Moodle - A free course management system. Also set up an online learning community.

MyTeacherSoftware - Free software. You only pay for shipping.

Top 100 Free Software Downloads - With many free downloads.

Special Education

ESL Student Resources - Have students who are learning the English language? This site has free English games.
ESL Resources - Get free workbooks, tests, and more for your ESL students.
SEN Teacher - A large collection of free resources for teachers of special education students.