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The past 10 years, student art galleries have been in decline across the world. We're not sure the reason, but with every update to this page, more and more links become broken with no replacements. If you have a student gallery and want it listed, contact us.


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Collection of Art Galleries

  • 21CArt - (Archive) A list of sites where students can contribute art.

  • Art for the Creative Soul - This is their student gallery section.

  • Artsonia - A website that claims to have the largest kids' art museum in the world. It's probably true because at the moment I'm writing this, they have 4,672,314 pieces of student art on the site.

  • Art Student Portfolios - with work by high school students.

  • Creative Connections International Art Exhibit, International Cultural Exchange Organization.

  • Global Children's Art Gallery - Currently has over 1,000 pictures by children up to age 12, from 66 countries so far.

  • International Child Art foundation - The International Child Art Foundation (ICAF) is one of the premier organizations for children's art.

  • KIDART - Kid's art in six different languages.

  • Kid Cartooonists - A collection of cartoons by children. Children can submit to the site.

  • Kids Corner, [Archive] a site by John Baselmans. There are three categories of art.

  • [Archive] - A site with many kids art galleries. It also includes the lessons with some of the pictures.

  • Little Sketchers - Little Sketchers started as a need to document and share the art and ideas of children and also to encourage parents to understand the importance of art in their child's mental and creative development.

  • MaMaMedia Kids' Gallery - With indexed galleries by subject matter.

  • Saatchi Gallery - A gallery for 4 - 18 year olds to submit their work. Based in the UK.

  • Web Archive of Children's Art - A site by the Indiana University Art Department.

  • WindyCreek Art Gallery, a collection of art by home-schooled children.



China (中国)


Germany (Deutschland)



Italy (Italia)

  • L'Autoritratto - Contains childrens art along with the lessons. Shows a lesson on Van Gogh.

  • La Galleria dei Bambini - Where students can submit art and writings. This site is in Italian. Translate the page here.

Japan (日本)


Russia (Россия)

Saudi Arabia



Collections | Australia |Canada | China | England | Germany| India | Ireland

Italy | Japan | Norway | Russia | Saudi Arabia | Thailand | U.S.A.