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Incredible Awards


Awards, awards, awards!

In the early days of the net, the few sites that were online frequently granted awards to the few sites that they thought were excellent. Because this site was online about a year after the worldwide web came to existence, it received many awards- some notable, and others not so notable. It is unfortunate that the Internet Archive didn't start archiving sites until 1996. There were some incredible sites in the early days that are gone and will never be seen again. My personal favorite was Uncle Bob's Kid's Page. How I wish I had saved this site to my hard drive.


At any rate, later on, the awards granted this site were given by more popular sites and corporations. I was excited when Newsweek magazine, as well as other national publications posted positive reviews of the site. The awards have trickled off as fewer and fewer sites take the time to grant these awards. This site itself granted its own award at one time. Enjoy traveling back in time by reviewing the award icons below!


Top 100

Top 100 Art Website of
2010 by

Top 100

Top 100 Art Website of
2011 by

Top 100

Top 100 Art Website of

2012 by

School Arts Magazine

Featured in
School Arts magazine
February 2004 issue

Voted top 100 website by

Top 100 Educational Websites of 2009 by

Place of Our Own

Featured on PBS's A Place of
Our Own
program, 2009

You Are Here Kids & Family Internet Guide
Featured in You Are
Here Kids & Family
Internet Guide
2002 edition

Newsweek Magazine

Featured in
Newsweek magazine.
September 9, 1996 issue and Newsweek's Computers and
the Family magazine
Fall/Winter 1996 Issue

Learning in Motion

Top 10 Site from Learning
in Motion

Featured in McGraw-Hill Higher Education's gallery

TeacherVision logo
Featured in TeacherVision on
the Family Education Network.

Mona Select

Mona Lisa Select Site Award

August, 2001

Voted top 100 website by

Top 100 Educational Websites of 2008 by

Decorative Artist Magazine

Featured in the
June 2000 issue
of Decorative Artist magazine

Site of the Week

Collinsville Community Unit School District 10

Site of the Day,

October 5, 2004

4 Star Rating

4 Star Rating from

Magellan on 6/13/96

Teachers Magazine

Featured in Teacher Magazine

in the January '98 issue

Luckman's Yellow Pages

Rated 5 stars in all categories by Luckman's World Wide Web Yellow Pages,

1997 Edition

4 Star Rating from Blue Web'n

4 Star rating from
Blue Web'n Learning Application on
August 13, 1996

Top Ten Cool

Top Ten Cool for

September, 1996 and 2009

Webcrawler Select

WebCrawler Education

Site of the Week for 9/9/96

Scholastic News

Featured in the
November '96
issue of Scholastic News

Web Page of the Day

Web Page of the Day
for 7/1/96

Who's Cool

Who's Cool in America
on 7/6/96

Excite Review

Rated 4 stars by Excite

Classroom Connect

Featured in
Classroom Connect
October 1996 issue

Web Now Magazine

Rated a Top 500 Web Site by Web Now Magazine in their premier issue, Winter 1997. Now Defunct.

Education Station

Site of the Month by
The Education Station
March, 1997

Holy Cow

DEWA Cool Site of the
for 3/2/97

Education Index Award

The Education Index

Award for 3/3/97

Design Pick of the Week!

IADHP Design Pick of the Week for 2/18/96

Planet Oasis Partner

Planet Oasis Partner

Education World A

Education World "A"
site of the month for 6/97

Pencil Award

Pencil Award for
October 17, 1997

Online Educator

Super Site of the Week

for November 10, 1997
(They changed their name to Learners Online)

Clearinghouse approved

Clearinghouse approved

StudyWeb Medallion

Featured site in StudyWeb
January 27, 1998 &
September 15, 1999

Maxie's A+ Award

Maxie's A+ Award for
Education Excellence
March 25, 1998

Internet Resource Directory

Best Site

K-12 Internet Directory
the 1998-99 issue

Key Resourse

major art internet art
resource designation,
May 6, 1999

Best of History

Best of History 4 stars
Art History website

Britannica Internet Guide

Featured in the
Bitannica Internet Guide

Today's Child

Today's Child
Featured Site
January 11, 2000

Electron Kids Award

Electron Kids
Site of the Day
January 18, 2000

Web Gold

Web Gold 200 Award
January, 2000

WebFlier Logo

WebFlier WINGS Award
for 3/15/97

CoolSchool pic

Featured in
CoolSchool Software's
5001 Cool Sites for Kids

Top 5% of all web sites

Rated Top 5% of all
web sites, 2/26/96

Yahoo Internet Life

Rated 4 stars in

Yahoo Internet Life

for September, 1996

Youth Net

Recommended by

Youth Net

New Horizons

Featured in

New Horizons

Learning Journal

Site of the Day at Radio One on January 26, 1996

Site of the Day for 1/26/96

homework flag


Featured site September 2000

Hot Site of the Day

Starting Point Hot Site
of the Day for 5/4/96

The Too Cool School Site of the Week

The Too Cool School
Site of the Week for 3/18/96

Internet Scout

Selected by the Internet Scout of the University of Wisconsin

September 6, 1996

Family Jewel Award

The Family Jewel Award
received on 5/6/96

Four Paws Award

The Digby Award
January 12, 1997

Awarded Thumbs Up by the Teenagers Circle on January 6, 1996
Thumbs Up Award
for 1/6/96


"Top 100 Educational Websites of 2005."

Cyber-Teddy's top 500

CyberTeddy's Top 500

WebSite Award
August 15, 1999

Kid'n Around Hotsite

Kid'n Around Hotsite
of the month for October.

Geocities page of the day for October 9, 1995

Geocities Page of the Day for 10/9/95. This was back when this site resided on Geocities. This is where it first appeared.