Incredible Art Test

Take the Incredible Art Test Below

Below is a javascript art test that can be fun for students. You can create your own by simply opening this html file in a text program and changing the code. The code is after the <head> tag and before the <body> tag. You can also request that I create a new test or add to this one. Juse e-mail me your questions and answers and I'll create one for you.


On September 5, 2013, I added several new questions to this art test. You can also make your request for additional questions in the comments section on the bottom of the page.


The Incredible Art Test

Hey kids! Wouldn't it be great if you could take a test without a teacher breathing down your neck if you miss any questions? Here is your chance! If you have Mozilla, Firefox or the Google Chrome browsers, then you can take this test for fun. Unfortunately the test will not work on Internet Explorer.


1) Start the test by clicking with the mouse on 'Start this test'.

2) Answer the question by clicking on one of the four numbered buttons left of the answers. This will indicate your choice for the answer.

3) After you have answered a question, go to the next one by clicking on the button 'Next question'. At the end of the test the number of correct answers will appear, together with a percentage value, relating the number of correct answers to the number of all answers.

Art Test

Feedback: Correct answer:

The number of correct answers during the test: This corresponds to a % of