Lesson Plan: Painting on Foil

Painting on Foil

MonaLesson Plan Submitted by: Teri Schlotman
Elementary art teacher at Villa Madonna Academy, Kentucky.
Grades: 1st - 6th grades



Tear off a large enough piece of foil to cover one side of the tag board. Have the kids wrap it like a present and tape on the back. (Shiny side out)


For younger kids, have them choose a torn out coloring page and place it on top of the foil. Holding the page in place, retrace the drawing with a pencil pressing down hard enough to etch the drawing into the foil. Older kids can come up with their own ideas using a DULL pencil to sketch a drawing in. (hint: Have the older kids do a drawing on regular paper first and then put that drawing on top of the foil and do as the younger kids will do... press hard and embed the drawing into the foil.)


Now, remove the paper and draw over their design now in the foil with black marker. Using tempera and a pretty dry brush, paint their drawings. I suggest a dry brush and applying the tempera pretty heavy. The results are spectacular and fail proof. The colors on the silver foil just glow and the kids do too! [Note, if the paint will not adhere to the foil as you like, mix a little liquid soap with the paints.]

foil painting



Before you let the paint dry on the project, students can make a print from the foil similar to an etching. A twist on this lesson can be found here.



Have fun with this fun yet inexpensive project!



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