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IAD began as a showcase for elementary art students in Indiana and now includes a diverse range of subjects and topics of interest to art educators, general area teachers, students, parents, artists, and homeschoolers the world over.


On this site you can find free art lessons, news, art resources, art careers, schools, and help for new art teachers. Submission of lessons and other art related topics is encouraged and may be submitted by e-mailing IAD.


IAD envisions a world where everyone has access to the arts both in school and in the community. We believe that the arts are an essential component for a quality education. Research shows that schools that have strong arts programs also have higher achieving students. The arts encourages creativity and creative problem-solving. These skills are also valuable in the work place. The arts teach us much about various cultures around the world.



New Art Lessons and Pages

New lessons and articles are always being added to IAD. Recent pages include the high school lesson, Balance Paper Collage, a lesson that teaches the art elements. A new page was added in the school discipline section. It is on the P.R.I.D.E. discipline strategy. There is an entire new section added from Bunki Kramer's website. Before she died, she donated her website to IAD and now you can view it online. A lesson on Japanese Ukiyo-e Watercolor was added in the middle school lessons section over the summer. New art news includes an article on Johnny Depp's recent art purchase for $2.2 million.


IAD is always adding new art lessons. You can find the newest art lessons by viewing the lesson next to the NEW image. We are in the process of creating a new way to categorize lessons. We will soon be including images and a short description of each lesson rather than just a lesson title. This takes time and we anticipate completing this by Spring of 2016.

The newest section of the site is our new gallery section with over 20,000 paintings and drawings displayed. You can even buy a painting if you wish. Paintings not in the public domain are not included. There are other sections that may interest you:


The Art Teacher Toolkit is a resource for homeschoolers and new teachers. You can read about art curriculum and instruction, discipline strategies, special education, NCLB, best practices, school law, view contests, and create rubrics.


There are literally thousands of art-related links in the Art Resources section. See artists from around the world, visit international galleries, see student art work, blogs, art videos, and much more!


Feel Isolated in Your Classroom? Join the Art Education Community!

IAD hosts two list groups with many members who are art teachers, students, artists, and homeschoolers. Each list group is searchable and you can post a question to many art teachers across the world to get your answer. To sign up for the art education listgroups, visit this link.


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