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Art Contests

Art Contests for Everyone

There are some who say that there should not be art contests. This page is for those who disagree and want to enter contests. Why have contests? Recognition, making money off art, and a chance to get a reduction of tuition or a free ticket to college are some incentives.

Elementary Level Art Contests / Exhibitions

Middle School/Jr. High Art Contests / Exhibitions

High School Art Contests / Exhibitions

  • Designing for the Future - The winner gets a $100,000 scholarship. Students design future cars.

  • - $10,000 in prizes. An art contest to bring to life a gargoyle named Feenix in a NYT best selling novel in one of three ways: Two-dimensional art, Three-Dimensional creation or Computer-imaged art. Students and Art Depts win.

  • Scholastic Art and Writing Awards - This contest is held across the country every year.

  • Artists Magazine Annual Art Competition - For artists 16 and over.

  • Kansas Student Technology Leaders competition - This is open only to grade 6-12 Kansas students. Judged items: multimedia, video, technology integration, and website. Deadline: March 9.

  • RotoArt International High School Contest - The closing date for 2014 is June. NEW

  • Science without Borders® Challenge - Students are asked to submit a video presentation that could include any combination of interviews, comic storyboards, photography, and original footage to answer the challenge question. NEW

  • Southern Teachers Agency - Grades 8-12 attending STA schools are eligible to compete. Deadline is late March each year.

  • Teen Photo - For ages 13 - 22 and open to the world. Deadline is January 15. Grand prize is $500.

K-12 Art Contests

  • Adobe Youth Voices Aspire Awards - An international juried media competition that recognizes projects that best illustrate the program’s ‘Create with Purpose’ philosophy. Deadline: June 18.

  • Celebrating Art - Over $5000 in prizes go to students and teachers for each contest.

  • Constitution Day Poster Contest - Sponsored by the National Archives- Plains Region. Deadline is early October each year.

  • Get to Know Contest - Wildlife artist Robert Bateman is offering prizes and publication in a national publication for Canadian students age 19 and under.

  • Mystery Build $15k Art Challenge - *Create a work of art using only the materials in a Mystery Build Kit.

  • Radiant Peace Education Awards - Entry categories include essays, art, videos, and projects. Winners and honorable mentions receive cash prizes; the winner's classrooms receive awards. Deadline April 21.

  • Saatchi Online Art Prize For Schools - A first prize of £10,000 will be awarded to the winning school’s art department. A further £2000 will be given to the winning pupil to be spent on computer and art equipment.

  • State-fish Art Contest - Open every year for grades K-12. Order the free CD while you're at it on that page. They even pay for shipping!

  • UK Children's Fine Art Competition - Open to students aged 4 - 16. This competition is an annual event.

Art Contests for Anyone / Exhibitions

University Level / Adult Art Contests / Exhibitions

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