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Note - Art related videos are exploding online. Webcams offer live looks at locations around the world. When you discuss an artist, in some cases you can see a live view of their work, museum, or location. Some cams are streaming - this means it is like a live movie. Others refresh every 15 seconds to a minute. Webcam links are always changing and some links on this page may be broken even with frequent updating. Following is a partial collection.


Zamar - Tool to download online videos to your hard drive. You can learn how to set up an art room webcam here.


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Location Cams

  • Africam - Cams in South Africa

  • Alaskan Live Cams - From the Federal Aviation Administration. There are many cams with beautiful views!

  • Alps - From the France side. Huge webcam picture.

  • Barrow Sea Ice Cam - During the Summer they have 24 hours of daylight. In the Winter, the sun never rises.

  • Domecam - This is a live view of an office with printer and computer. You can move the camera and zoom in from your computer. It's a mystery where this is but the language is German. If you know the location, let me know!

  • EarthCams - See live cams from around the world.

  • Eiffel Tower - Paris, France

  • Egyptian Pyramids - A cam with nice resolution. NOTE: Because of total chaos in Egypt, the cams have been taken offline but you can still see an archive of past images.

  • Eternal Sunset - A large collection of cam links around the world.

  • Google Earth - You can set this up for aerial views of just about anything.

  • Hollywood - The Hollywood sign live.

  • Loch Ness - Beautiful scenery and two sheep. Can you see Nessie?

  • London, England - A wide view of the city.

  • McMurdo Station - Near the south pole.

  • National Parks - See webcams across the USA at national parks.

  • Rocky Mountains - A camera with nice resolution.

  • Rose Bay High School - A live view from their school in Tasmania, Australia.

  • Space Cam - See live views of earth from space. You can select the location to zoom in on.

  • Statue of Liberty - A live view of the statue.

  • Venice, Cittå di - A collection of live cams around Venice, Italy.

Gallery/Museum/School Cams

  • Doubletake Gallery - A gallery in Burnsville, MN, USA

  • Folk Art Museum - With a live view of a bobbing head turtle made with a coconut shell, wood, wire, and thread.

Webcam Directories | Artists VideosArt Teacher Videos | Tutorial Videos

Art Lesson Videos | Art Studio Cams | Location Cams | Gallery Cams


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