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Student Pet Peeves


thumb downPage 1- Students- this is your time to get revenge! The pet peeves below were submitted by students around the world. We thank you for your submissions! We sincerely hope that those who submitted them were able to blow off some steam and feel better now. We also hope that those who are reading these will also feel better. Enjoy!

  1. I find it really annoying the fact that teachers tell us what to do paint, oh put a bit of something there when we are proud of what we have done and then they help themselves to a paintbrush and ruin your work. I don't like it when people say that I can't draw is not an excuse, it is. I would LOVE to draw, but I just can't, if a teacher could teach me to draw they would be a miracle worker. Art has turned into slavery, it used to be about fun and expression. The only thing I used to like about art was looking at the brilliant work but then I would look at mine and think why doesn't mine look like that. But the art teachers wouldn't understand because they CAN draw so therefore don't know what it is like to not be able. I would love to draw professionally, but its probably never going to happen :(
    Laura Simpson

    [Message from Ken] Laura- Can you draw or paint a square? If you can, then you can draw. Can you draw a line with a ruler? Then you can draw. Your teachers may be teaching you that the only good art is realism. There are other styles. Look at work by Josef Albers or Piet Mondrian. Art doesn't have to be realistic. It can also be about feeling and message.

  2. I got a D because my 7th grade teacher was a jerk. From that moment on I knew I was not an artist... even though that is exactly what I am at heart, I just couldn't draw the way he expected me to draw. (Submitted by Lynn in Madison, Wisconsin)

    [Message from Ken] Lynn- See my comment above. Don't give up. Start drawing and painting the way you like to draw. Enter it in art contests or shows.

  3. I am a student and my biggest pet peeve is art teachers who, if your art isn't "perfect", show you how it "should be done"! Does the word CREATIVITY ring a bell? (Submitted by Haley Henderson)

  4. I hate it when I show my parents my report card filled with A's and one B in art and they can't believe it, because "art is such a simple class." (Submitted by Tuscany)

  5. What usually annoys me is when other students come to art class without even the bare essentials like a pencil and an eraser and demand that I give them mine or grab an unused pencil from my bag! It also bothers me when the art teacher is not qualified to do the job and is just given the place because there was nobody else to keep kids occupied. That was what happened in High School - the Geography teacher was assigned to teach Art to us, even though she had no connection to the subject. You might think it's ridiculous that there's such shortage of art teachers, but in Greece, where I come from, it happens! (-Submitted by Caroline Alexiou)

  6. My Pet Peeve, is when my Science teacher, just sits there and talks In a ONE Tone VOICE! It Could Put Coffee to Sleep! I See all the other Science teachers room, and how they teach, and they put FUN Into it! Ever Heard Of CREATIVITY?!?!? Isn't Science, Supposed to Be Fun? Well, its BORING! (-Submitted by Ex-Science Lover)

  7. Paying a fortune to go to college to get a degree and being forced to copy others "style" in order to pass. (Submitted by Angela K. White)

  8. Parent complaint- Art teachers who tell their students their art work is wrong and change it for them! I'm an artist who doesn't like the fact my daughter's Easter present was "fixed" by her teacher! She used to draw purple cats for me!! I miss her wild imagination. (Submitted by "Bystarlite")

    [Note from Ken] Bystarlite- I know how you feel. I recall in high school when my art teacher didn't like the air brush painting I was doing for the prom. One evening after school he painted over it and it was no longer my painting. Let's hope some art teachers get the message here.

  9. I hate it when your teacher tells you when your sketching to put it away. She even tells me to do that in my free time! What she is actually doing is promoting you not to do what is in your heart. What I wanna do is draw animations. WHY IS SHE DOING THIS!! -Terri Ward

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