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Artist Creates Art With Wind Turbines

Nathan HintzNathan Hintz says he would like to educate people about how to make art that generates electricity. He developed a wind turbine rotor that works better than the traditional propeller-style turbines and with half the wind. He is working on getting production going to reduce the construction costs, but in the meantime he hopes to teach others how to build them for themselves. They are about as easy to build as a metal pinwheels and he believes many people will want these attached to their homes to generate clean energy. This could possibly be the most practical type of art ever; art that pays for it's self with the energy it generates.


Nathan designed his wind turbines using a free software program called Blender. His website is located at where you can see his art as well as buy his wind turbines. His wind turbines are unique in that the design reduces wind resistance that is counter productive. Reducing resistance allows more power to be generated with less material required for the support structure in a storm.


Nathan Hintz has been interested in both art and engineering all his life. He sold his first painting at the age of 12. By the age of 15 he was exhibiting in museums after having won in the National Congressional Art Competition in 1990. He is published in the Encyclopedia of Living Artists.

Nathan has always been generous with his work, donating to the March of Dimes, Children of 9-11 fundraiser, and the Ronald Mc Donald House fundraisers, etc.Wind turbine digital art

Nathan has regularly exhibited at Las Vegas Art and Antiquities, Leila Gallery, The Museum Store at the Las Vegas Art Museum, The New Century Art Gallery, Digital Galleries, Art Creates and the Museum Store at the Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Art.

Nathan has worked in almost every known media selling work in local Las Vegas galleries, working as a portrait painter, faux finisher, mural painter and more. Working with oils, acrylics, lacquers, epoxies, airbrush, HVLP, conventional, airless, and sculpting in metal, clay, wood, foam, epoxies & polymers, Nathan is extremely versatile and talented in many areas.


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