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Integrating History with Art

With art programs in danger in schools all across the United States, most art teachers are forced to integrate the arts into other "core" subject areas. From the e-mail I get, art programs are endangered all across the globe.


Integrating art into other subject areas is not a bad thing.


By successfully integrating the arts with other subject areas, the art teacher is showing their administration the value of the arts in raising test scores and reinforcing student learning in other areas.


The images below are perfect examples of the integration of U.S. history with art; in this case, art on a Camaro. On the Camaro you can see images of popular past presidents and scenes from World War II. It appears that much of the painting was created using an air brush.


Automobile design is a great unit that can be added to any art program. Not only can they design a new kind of car, they can decorate the finish of the car as the photos show below. Lessons can be augmented with the history of auto manufacturing and the science of the effect of wind resistance on car design.


These images were e-mailed to me and the only information I can find about them is that they were commissioned by General Motors for the Camaro5 Fest 2011 in Phoenix Arizona. If anyone knows the artist who painted this, please let me know.