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How Can You Recognize an Artist

by Their Paintings?





If the images have a dark background and everyone is looking up
with a tortured expression on their face, it's by Titian.








If all the men look like beady-eyed
curly-haired women, it's by Caravaggio.






Peter Paul Rubens


If everyone has huge butts and thighs, and wear
only a bed sheet, then Rubens painted it.






Pieter Bruegel


If there are lots of tiny people going about
their business, Bruegel painted it.






Hieronymus Bosch


If there are lots of tiny people doing some pretty
crazy stuff, then Bosch did the painting.






Rembrandt Van Rijn


If everyone looks like a hobo under a dim
streetlamp, the Rembrandt painted it.






Francois Boucher


If the painting has chubby Cupids playing
around in the painting, Boucher did it.






Salvador Dali


If everything in the painting is melting
and its not even hot, Dali painted it.








If everyone is beautiful, stacked, and wearing
a bed sheet, Michelangelo painted it.






Edgar Degas


If there is at least one ballerina, Degas is behind it.






El Greco


If everyone is pale on a bluish background and look like
they haven't had a decent meal in awhile, it's El Greco.



El Greco



Pablo Picasso


If you can see both the front and side of the face
at the same time Picasso painted it.






Jan Van Eyck


If both the men and women look like Russian
President Vladimir Putin, Van Eyck painted it.



Van Eyck



Fernando Botero


If everyone looks like they pigged out at the buffet
table too many times, Botero painted it.



Fernando Botero