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Submitted by Laura Zimzozres
Creator of Make-Up Girls®


Over the years, make-up has become increasingly expansive in terms of different products and range of colors. Lipstick, for instance, once limited to hues of red, pink, orange and brown, are available in virtually any color and shade imaginable, including blues, greens, multicolored and even black. Eyeshadow colors are even more plentiful with added effects of shimmer, glitter, pearlescent, flip flop (where light changes the color from one hue to another) or intensely opaque matte. Perhaps the most extensive spectrum of all can be found in today’s nail polish colors. Not only is there a superabundance of shades to choose from (look for teal nails on the red carpet!), there are various textures you can opt for like multi-dimensional glitter, crackle, feathering, velvet, concrete and more. Nail art has taken a stronghold in the fashion world and painting all nails the same color has become conventional and “old school.”


In essence, the make-up color palette in today’s marketplace is easily be compared to the color palette of any artist/painter. When paired with the fact that make-up (lipsticks,lip stains, lip gloss, matte lipstick, foundation, highlighters, eye and lip pencils) and make-up tools (eyeshadow, blush and lip brushes) have a direct correlation to the world of art, it’s no wonder that the term make-up artist is more relevant than ever.


In years past, make-up was traditionally used to smooth and even skin tone, conceal flaws, accentuate eyes and lips, add color/contour to the cheeks/cheekbones. While, fundamentally, this still applies today, make-up usage has evolved into more of an actual art form with vibrant colors colorful eyebeing used in everyday life to make bold fashion statements and express individuality. Now, more than ever, our faces (and bodies) have become canvases for those colors we gravitate to and believe best represent our personalities and fashion points of view. In terms of make-up colors, we live in an era where anything goes and there is no right or wrong. Mix and match. Colors that clash. Deep dramatic tones. Soft pastels. Neons. Sparkle. Matte. Velvety. Translucent. Textured. Outlandish. Au Natural.


During childhood, we love to dabble in the arts, play with color and be creative. There typically comes a point however where many of us (or even our parents) conclude that we’re just not “artistically inclined.” How often have you heard…”oh, this one’s the artist in the family.” Yet, we learn to create a sense of style for ourselves and make-up becomes an art form we’re all fully capable of doing. We use color to feel good, to transform, to experiment, to create a look. When we’re applying make-up, wearing fun fashions, choosing vibrant or subdued clothes colors, accessorizing with gold, silver or sparkly costume jewelry... we are artists creating looks that express who we are. Stands to reason that young girls should always be encouraged toward hands on art in order to express their individuality. That is the objective of -- a new website for girls that promotes hands on art and offers a level playing field so that anyone can create stunning results. It utilizes beauty and fashion in order to engage the user and offers colorful style guides and video tutorials to teach art and inspire creativity.


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