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Nigerian Boy Looks For Sponsorship

IAD frequently has art work that is submitted by students and adults from across the world. We try to post from a variety of countries and ages when we can. On this page, we are introducing a Nigerian boy named Oaitan Ajayi from Lagos State.


Olaitan says, "I am Olaitan Ajayi from Lagos State, Nigeria, 17yr old boy (16th July, 1994) through with high school. Ii want to study art to be an Illustrator, a painter and a cartoonist through sponsorship from a school because I come from a poor family, I love playing basketball because I am tall (6'4) and Ii plays for a basketball academy. I will love to use my God-given talent to serve Christ and humanity!"


Says Olly, "I have been playing basketball for over five years now (age12) and i won an All Academy Basketball tournament MVP in 2010. I don't have any other larger picture of the painting i titled "THE WATCHMAN", i painted it for my church to beautify the sanctuary of God... art is my life and basketball is for leisure.


Ajayi's principal, Dr. Rasheed Alimi, says that Ajayi is a very hardworking, brilliant and active student at St. Anthony's Secondary School and has been a member of the basketball team and art club member. Dr. Alimi says that Ajayi comes from a poor background and needs a scholarship to achieve his goals. His mother passed away last year and his father is a poor farmer.


Below you will find his submitted artwork. You can tell him what you think by e-mailing him.


Olaitan Ajayi