Freedom Rock Memorial

Freedom Rock E-mails

I received an e-mail forward today. Usually I just click on the delete button but before I did, I noticed that the e-mail was about a teenage artist. I went ahead and read the e-mail. Knowing that at least 50% of these are hoaxes, I did a search on the internet and found out it was legitimate. However, it's an old story and the teenager is now over 30. It does warrant a mention here, however. There is a resurgence in patriotism in the country as elections unfold and this story certainly is patriotic in nature.


The story goes that a very large rock near a gravel pit on highway 25 in rural Iowa was the canvas for high school students who for generations had painted slogans, names, and obscenities on this rock, changing its character many times. In 1999, college student Ray 'Bubba' Sorensen took his turn and created a work of art that attracted attention. He got his inspiration he says after watching the movie Saving Private Ryan. He has added to his painting every Memorial Day ever since. He takes several weeks to update the rock painting.


"Bubba" recognized an opportunity when he saw one and he created a website to showcase the rock. He later created his own mural painting company called Sorensen Studios. He now resides in Greenfield, Iowa with his wife.


Bubba in front of his creation


sorensen rock- rear view