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As mentioned on the previous page, TET was created by Dr. Thomas Gordon and Ken Miller. The purpose of TET is to increase time on task. There are seven behavioral skills that are taught in a TET classroom.

  1. Behavioral Observation

  2. Identifying Problem Ownership

  3. Demonstrating Understanding

  4. Being Understood

  5. Expressing Recognition

  6. Confrontation

  7. Win/Win Problem Solving

There is also a TET curriculum design that is based on a four-step learning model called the Systemic Implications of Pedagogy and Achievement (SIPA) [Archive]:

  1. Learning Activities are structured

  2. Students are involved in an activity

  3. They communicate about and process their personal experience with others

  4. They analyze and generalize for purposes of application to their classroom

StudentThe TET model supports a variety of discipline methods. The terminology used with TET is critical listening, acknowledgments, door openers, I-Messages, and Influencing. The classroom is run as a democratic entity, with students having a say in the rules. Punishment is discouraged and conflict is dealt with "I-messages." For example, if Billy punches Tommy, the I-message would be, "Billy, I feed bad when I am hit." Teachers spend time teaching students how to problem-solve and negotiation techniques.

The downside to TET is that teachers have little power in the classroom. Teachers should be thoroughly trained before they use this method. It is also time consuming for students to go through I-messages every time there is conflict. This is because students also have to be trained to use these.

In my school, there were students who were assigned as monitors for TET. Students were to come to them if they had a problem they couldn't solve. The advantage is that more petty conflicts were dealt with without the intervention of a teacher or administrator. The downside, is that severe behavior needed much more than an "I-message."

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