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Richard Carpenter

Sculptor Richard Carpenter

Richard Carpenter considers himself to be a "simple country folk artist." Although none of his art appears in a museum, you can find his art adorning lawns and in houses. His art? Pine needle art. Richard became an artist 18 years ago and has been selling his art "to survive" ever since.


The sculpture below is of a life size Bear woven from over 200,000 pine needles! How would you classify his art? Is it considered textile art? Fiber Art? Folk Art? Extreme Folk Art? The sculpture took over eight months to create. This is his seventh bear.


Click on the images below to see the full size image-


Bear sculpture on a river

Article on his sculptures

Bear in display case

Richard by his sculpture      Bear in case


His sculptures average about two feet high in height. He takes about three months to create one that size and sells them for about $3500. He says he sells his larger sculptures for "all he can get." In other words, his prices are negotiable.


Bear paw

Teddy Bear

Three bears

Richard recently sent additional pictures of his newest bear pine needle sculpture. You can see images of it below:


Carpenter with bear sculpture    Standing bear sculpture


Bear sculpture profile


Close-up of hand in bear sculpture


If you want to reach Richard, contact him at 208-894-2457 or e-mail him at