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  • Adams, Ansel - American West photographer.

  • Ahrens, Wick, (archive) a Vermont artist who carves dramatic sculptures of whales and other marine mammals for the corporate and private collector.

  • Alcorn, Stephen Relief-block prints divided into thematic categories - including the interpretation of literary classics, portraits of celebrated authors, artists and musicians, celebrations of the animal kingdom and more. From Cambridge, New York.

  • Allen, Mark - British artist. Digital Surrealism. Work to inspired a graphics arts class.

  • Antonov, Alexei, a Russian-born artist. He also has painting techniques and resources.

  • Annosov, Ilia, a fresco artist.

  • Oscar Araripe - Lively art, Fresh and colorful - from Brazil. Lots of appeal for students. Award winning site.

  • Archer, David, a well-known artist who paints sets for popular TV shows and movies.

  • Arnold, Walter S. - Virtual Sculpture Page. View the work in the Gallery section, where you can see Fireplaces, Gargoyles and other sculpture. Visit the Resources pages to learn how stone is quarried and carved

  • Arp, Jean- A German-French abstract sculptor and painter.


  • Baartman, Hendrik - Digital art - Geometric design - many circular designs (mandalas)

  • Barton, Stuart - Oil and acrylic painting, Landscapes, desertscapes, Skyscapes and more. Take a look at the scenery!

  • Baselmans, John- an artist from the Netherlands Antilles.

  • Bateman, Robert- A well-known Canadian wildlife artist.

  • Battista, Nicola Giovanni - This Italian's website is called Arte e Ferro. He specializes in home decore and architecture.

  • Belamine, Abdelkrim- A painter who specializes in ancient buildings and countrysides.

  • Bess, Forrest -"Visionary artist" from Texas. Bold, symbolic imagery.

  • Blanco, Rick, a Cuban-American and his award-winning mural.

  • Beasley, Bruce - Metal sculpture, cast acrylic, metal and wood, and bronze sculptures. Abstract forms yet Beasley has drawn his inspiration from natural structures, rather than the built environment. Science and the microscope have changed the modern artist's understanding of nature. From California

  • Beever, Julian - Pavement Drawings; Here is one of the artists who created the works that were forwarded in emails . See Julian Beever's pavement paintings!

  • Ben-nun, Mirit - (archive) An Israeli artist who creates colorful paintings of the human figure.

  • Boggess, Lynn - Landscape artist from West Virginia. Work organized by seasons of the year.

  • Boshier, Derek- A contemporary artist who works with a variety of mediums.

  • Breeden, Jacob- Contemporary - Paintings and sculptures - abstract/non-objective - geometric. Jacob Breeden is Curator of Education, Amarillo Museum of Art.

  • Briggs, Shaugn David - This is the Facebook page of a stone carver who also gives lessons.

  • Bui, René - French artist. Online Portfolio - Digital work, painting, drawing architectural design and more. Site has English and French translation. This website also has child-friendly controls so some of his adult art is not visible to children.

  • Buonarroti, Michelangelo- One of the most famous artists of all time.


  • Carle, Eric- A well known childrens' picture book illustrator.

  • Carpenter, Richard- An artist who creates sculptures with pine needles.

  • Casey, Brian - St. Paul, Minnesota artist. Colorful paintings in a cubists style reminiscent of Picasso. He uses great color and his lines flow well. Whimsical line drawings. Nicely designed site.

  • Centra, Ron, a graphic artist from New York.

  • Chagall, Marc (1887-1985)

  • Chasens, Caril - Sculpture in wood - with online tutorials. From Canada

  • Chirico, Giorgio de - Italian painter, the originator of Metaphysical painting.

  • Chilhuly, Dale - Well-known glass artist. He's one of our personal favorites.

  • Christensent, Eric - A hyper-realist who creates photo-like paintings.

  • Clarke, George K.- An artist doing manhole mandala art with sand on manhole covers.

  • Colagem, João- An artist from the Netherlands. Also see his collages.

  • Cornell, Joseph - An artist who does assemblage art.

  • Cotton, Dan - A calligrapher and hand letterer living in Denver.

  • Crawford, Michael - (Archive) A book illustrator and author. You can see his books and more on his website.

  • Cukier, Ruben- Born in Argentina, this surrealist now lives in Israel.


  • Dali, Salvador - A famous surrealist who is known for his long curled mustache.

  • Danby, Ken - Canadian realist artist - paintings, drawings and portraits.

  • Daniele, Guido - An Italian artist who creates works of art from hands.

  • DaVinci, Leonardo, Ken Rohrer's favorite artist. See this fun site. Also see his complete works.

  • De Beaune, Renaud Archambault- Non-objective work and abstract figures - from France. Unusual technique -metallic pens fixed by necessity on the end of long pen-holders that he makes, which allow him to establish a distance, a " background " on the picture space.

  • Dejan Devic - A surrealist painter. There is no contact information on his site, but his work is a good representation of surrealism.

  • D'elai, Anthony award-winning contemporary American realist artist. Portraits, interiors, and still life. Use this site with Vermeer for art appreciation.

  • Michael Del Priore - Portrait artist - See President Ronald Reagan, Bill Gates and more. See Store for educational videos.

  • Dine, Jim - A well known American pop artist.

  • Dodson, Tom,  Lancashire artist who passed away in 1991.

  • Donatello (1386 - 1466) - Sculpture -- Also at Artcyclopedia

  • Duncan, Stefan - Contemporary American Impressionist from Charlotte, NC. Creator of "Squigglism™"

  • Duval, Franck - Collage artist - from France. Unless you're in France, this will take awhile to load. Many inspiring works. Excellent artist for inspiration for your "found art" units.


  • Edzerza, Alano - A North West Coast Native artist in Vancouver. He specializes in fashion design.

  • Elgurt, Joseph - Works with different print techniques: lithography, lino-cut, etching and monotype. He is known as a master of sieve-print. From Riga, Latvia. He was a Holocaust survivor. See this PowerPoint of the Holocaust through his eyes.

  • Escher, M.C., a huge resource of everything Escher! Escher at Artcyclopedia

  • Talal A. Ghadban - Artag Gallery - Abstract paintings - acrylic on canvas. This artist is from Denmark.


  • Fetler, Greg - Magic Realism series of art prints and The Synergy Song online children's picture book. Offers Giclee Art Prints and Acrylic Paintings for Sale, and an Online Children's Fine Art Picture Book with Illustrations and Story by California Artist Greg Fetler.

  • Freda, Anthony - An illustrator who has appeared in Time, The New Yorker, Rolling Stone, and Esquire.


  • Gogos, Basil - An artist specializing in illustrating magazine covers and posters usually of the horror genre. Also see a page on Artnet. Buy a book of his art here. .

  • Gold, Dave - New York artist. Abstract - non-objective - color field - patterns - rich textural works. Oil and acrylic paintings.

  • Gray, Bruce - Metal Sculpture, Wood Sculpture, Kinetic Art, Art Furniture, Mobiles - from California


  • Haring, Keith - A New York graffiti artist who created his work on billboards in train stations. Also see the kids' version of his website.

  • Roger Hall - Scientific Illustration and Wildlife Art - pen & ink illustrations of wildlife. Art teachers are permitted to use his images to inspire students (as reference material).

  • Holmes, Thomas - Showcasing the artwork of the NAPA Valley Artist Thomas Holmes - featuring a variety of sculptures.

  • Homer, Winslow - Also at Artcyclopedia


    Indiana, Robert, American Pop Artist, Born 1928


  • Jansen, Gary - A landscape artist focusing on the American west.

  • Jokiaho, Ismo - An artist in Tampere, Finland.


  • Kolberg Donald - An American artist specializing in wire mesh sculpture, steel ribbon and painting.

  • Kingman, Brant, an artist from Minneapolis.


  • Lance, Joshua - A painter from Taipei, Taiwan

  • Long, Duncan - A book illustrator in Kansas.

  • M

  • Marco, Don - Master Crayon Artist - View Western theme, portraits, nature and scenic views. See what is new. Click on Gallery to see all images on the site. Now living in California.

  • Marra, Gregory - This artist sculpts American heroes in bronze. His subject matter includes an Indian archer and Seal Team 6.

  • Martinez, Oscar - Figurative work full of line, pattern and color - a bit of mystery. Very inspirational! Born in Puerto Rico - now living in Chicago, Illinois.

  • Maidoff, Jules - This artist is the founder of Studio Art Center International in Florence, Italy.

  • Martin, Jon - A Chicago artist who also uses his website as a blog.

  • Matejko, Jan - A Polish painter who painted Polish political and military events.

  • Mattia: Air on Art Museum - Drawings, sculpture and photographs by Mattia - artist from Italy.

  • Matisse, Henri - French Fauvist Painter and Sculptor, 1869-1954

  • McGrath, Michael - He works mostly in transparent watercolor, and he often paints plein air on location..

  • McNeill, Jim - He is famous for his tessellations and animation.

  • Mineo, Gerard - The Art of Portrait Painting. French Artist with 20 years experience in the Art of Portraiture.

  • Monet, Claude. French Impressionist Painter, 1840-1926

  • Moolman, Jaco - A South African artist who "loves to play" around with CG art.

  • Moore, Henry - A well-known modern sculptor.

  • Moss, Larry - An artist who creates art with balloons. He calls it Airigami.

  • Mukherjee, Dhananjay - A painter from India.


  • Norulak, Tom, an etcher in Pittsburgh.


  • O'Byrne, Patrick - Drawings in graphite, pastels, pen and ink. Many of the "Old South" (USA)

  • Olitski, Jules - A Russian painter now living in Vermont. He was the first artists to be given a one person exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum.


  • Penley, Steve - An artist who focuses on U.S. historical figures including presidents and historical events.

  • Phillips, Walter Joseph, a great Canadian watercolour painter and printmaker.

  • Picasso, Pablo - Spanish Cubist Painter and Sculptor, 1881-1973. Know the Artist: Pablo Picasso

  • Pissarro, Camille - This is the virtual gallery for a French Impressionist painter.

  • Picchio - He was born in Germany - and now lives in Ticino, the Italian part of Switzerland. Sculptures and installations might inspire a 3-D painting lesson.

  • Pollock, Jim - South Dakota artist. Watercolors, pen and ink and sketchbooks. He is a published combat artist. View Jim Pollock's sketchbooks

  • Portinari, Candido (1903 - 1962) - life and work of Brazilian artist. Much of the site is in Portuguese. Archives section is in English as well as a biography and more in English section.

  • Reed, Mark - A Bonsai Tree Artist and interior designer.

  • Rivera, Diego - A site that examines his painting, Dream of a Sunday Afternoon in Alamada Park. Warning, this site now has multiple intrusive pop-ups.

  • Rousseau, Henri - A French Naive Post-Impressionist painter.

  • Robertson, Ron - Mixed Media Assemblage - Shadow boxes and more. Artist now living in California.

  • Rôlla, Fernando - A surrealist Brazilian artist.

  • Roland, Jeff - An abstract artist from the UK.


  • Sargent, John Singer - a famous landscape painter and watercolorist, 1856-1925. Warning, this site now uses intrusive pop-ups.

  • Scott, Robb - This Canadian artist focuses on pencil drawings.

  • Semple, Stuart - Young British artist (a painter). Art with text

  • Seurat, Georges - French Pointillist Painter, 1859-1891. See IAD's Pointillator!

  • Dr. Seuss - The famous children's book artist and author. Also known as Theodor Seuss Geisel. See the archive of "My Many Colored Days."

  • Sevcik, Vladimir - A photorealist in British Columbia, Canada.

  • Sierak, Tom: American Realism - Originals and reproductions. The New Englander’s medium of choice is pastels.

  • Simons, Brian - A British Columbia artist who works solely with acrylics.

  • Skinner, Dale, a painter from Marco Island, Florida and Princeton, Iowa.

  • Snelson, Kenneth - concerned with nature in its primary aspect, the patterns of physical forces in three dimensional space. Click on Structures to see how weaving and mathematics are very much a part of his work. Computer images too. From Oregon.

  • Spagnollo, João Ricardo - A Brazilian artist who has a variety of work.

  • Spiczka, Sam - Abstract Sculpture - from Minnesota

  • Stewart, Don - Visual Puns - Pen and ink composite drawings sure to make you smile. Do read the VW® story - it is a hoot.


  • Tachi, Katsuo, a Japanese contemporary artist.

  • Termes, Dick - Paintings on spheres which, when completed, are known as Termespheres. Each sphere is a revolving three-dimensional space using six point perspective.

  • Thompson, Darren - This Chicago artists has a modern Impressionist flavor in his work.

  • Tomassini, Claudio, an artist residing in Argentina.

  • Tomshinsky, Stanley, (archive) an artist residing in Milan, Italia.

  • Torpey, Dan - Automata: Fun, whimsical moving works of art. A little sculpture - plus invention - plus lots of imagination! I like Can Pigs Fly?

  • Torpey, Dan - Paper Quilts - Beautiful paper quilts in traditional and original compositions using metallic embossed wall paper. I particularly admire the house quilts. See innovative paper quilts using photographs too.

  • Trotter, Patrick - Although not a Native American himself, his artist offers a Native American style in his art.

  • Troughton, Guy - Wildlife artist from Sydney, Australia. Watercolors, oils and acrylics

  • Tsers, Andrey - An artist who creates different geometrically adapted images or designs in his work.


  • Van Aelst, Kevin - He takes common artifacts and rearranges, assembles and constructs them into works of art..

  • Van Lusk, Kyle - Works in bronze, iron and steel combined with stone. Outdoor sculpture is very geometric while his other sculptures have an organic feel as well. From North Carolina - Lusk continues to create sculpture that reflects his mountain home.

  • Van Gogh, Vincent, the most famous Post-Impressionist.

  • Ventura, Salvatore, a well-known water color artists.

  • Venturi, Enos, an artist from Borzano, Italy.

  • Vernon, Shawn - A contemporary artist from Florida.

  • Villanueva, Camilo - An abstract artist from Córdoba, Argentina.


  • Wady, Haider - An Iraqi sculptor.

  • Wakan, Elias - Sculptor from British Columbia. Sculpture is inspired by an appreciation of geometric forms. Sculptures in wood.

  • Kurt Wenner - Master Street Painter. Several pages of his work. Kurt is from California.

  • Wilson, Shane Sculpture - Carver of mountain sheep horn, mammoth, mastodon and old walrus ivory, caribou antler, soapstone and marble. From Faro, Yukon, a Territory located in northern Canada.

  • Winberry, Bob, a digital fine artist and photographer in Long Beach, California.

  • Witcomb, Phillip - See his wildlife watercolor paintings in the gallery. He was born in South America and many of his paintings depict equatorial rainforest wildlife. From United Kingdom.

  • Wright, John Lloyd - An architect and son of Frank Lloyd Wright.


  • Zoladz, Stanislaw - A watercolor artist who astounds with superrealism.