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  • Alcorn, Sabina Botanical prints using the finest offset lithography. From Cambridge, New York.

  • Altman, Robin Wethe - Internet Gallery of Watercolor Paintings and Giclée Reproductions. California artist.

  • Anders, Patricia - Art Propensity - Look at her handcrafted sculptural jewelry, unique jewelry sets (Diva Dollies - FUN! You will have to own one), assemblage jewelry, art hearts (cast pulp), Art Dolls and figurative sculpture. Information on paper mache, too.


  • Barth, Carol Lynn, African American (Born 1949) Paintings - dolls and creative rock painting. See her paintings inspired by women of Africa. Beautiful fabric patterns and colors.

  • Beckwith, Mary Ann - experimental techniques in watercolors - using stencils and Halloween cobweb for interesting textures. Be sure to view her PDF file explaining her techniques and sample pages from her book. Professor at Michigan Technological University.

  • Bell, Marty, known for her detailed capture of Old England. Marty passed away in 2003 and her website is gone. You can visit the link to see the internet archive of her site, however. You can also see more about her on this tribute page.

  • Ben-Nun, Mirit - Israeli artist working mainly in the field of painting. Imaginary figurative scenes, rich in color and pattern. Work shows tribal/Aboriginal influence.

  • Bernard, Teresa - Original landscape, portraits, wildlife, still life, seascapes, inspirational and religious oil paintings. A series of art lessons covering a variety of subjects about oil painting and art in general. Also offering professional Web design. From Texas.

  • Berrien, Elizabeth - Award winning wire sculpture. From California. See teaching pages.

  • Bendesky, Cozy , a textile artist who lives in Lower Gwynedd, Pennsylvania. See Art Quilts and Shirbori dying technique.

  • Bowley, Flora - An internationally celebrated painter from Oregon.

  • Bowley, Shannon - Washington artist. Primarily non-objective paintings. "Fragments of bird wings, seed pods, shells and petals rest along side ragged swatches of color with sometimes subtle - sometimes not - counterpoints of pencil drawing, etching, dripping and stamping."

  • Brandon, Theresa, a children's book illustrator.

  • Bulteau, Beatrice. Beautiful horses in watercolor, acrylics - prints and ceramics. Born in France Now living in Lisbon, Portugal where she began her series of studies with horses and movement, and developed her current impressionistic style in watercolor.

  • Burns, Theresa - A children's Book Illustrator. She also does face painting and murals.

  • Butler, J. Anne - She specializes in Arabian horses, figurative bronzes, wildlife and Native American sculpture.


  • Cabler, Carol - (Archive) a watercolor artist from Oregon.

  • Camp, Sokari Douglas - Nigerian artist, based in UK. Welded steel sculpture inspired by traditional African art.

  • Carbonell, Chelsea - Floral paintings and figures (some nudity). From California.

  • Cassatt, Mary - The Mary Cassatt Gallery with many prints of her work, biography and more.

  • Beth Cavener - Sculptural Ceramics. The sculptures she creates "focus on human psychology, stripped of context and rationalization, and articulated through animal and human forms." (some mature images - teachers may want to select images for student viewing)

  • Celleck, Tulay - An artist from Istanbul with a gallery and other works.

  • Clark, Donna, monoprint artist in Virginia.

  • Coleman, Claudia, an American Portfolio.

  • Congleton, Claudia - (Archive) A collage artist and art teacher.


  • Davis, Jennifer - Minneapolis, Minnesota artist. Mixed media - collage and acrylic. Interesting work.

  • Doucet, Guéganne, (Archive) a Mi’kmaq First Nation artist in Canada.

  • Dumais, Carina - An artist from the Netherlands. She specializes in album cover art.

  • Dutcher, Kieren - An artist who works primarily in gouache resist. She has illustrated children's books.


  • Ellison, Donita - An art educator and aesthetic realist.

  • Es, Carol - Original pop art paintings - Los Angeles artists


  • Gibbons, Marie e. v. b. sculpture in clay & mixed media / mixed media assemblage jewelry. From Colorado.


  • Halstead, Sue - An artist who describes herself as a "fossil artist" based on the landscape and geology around the midlands.

  • Hardy, Angela - This is Angela's page on Picasa Web. She specializes in quilling and other crafts.

  • Harnack, Barbara - New Mexico artist. Creative face raku vessels and inspiring mixed media figurative works.

  • Hildreth, Sandra - Adirondack Wilderness Landscapes & Mandalas


  • Jennings, Ashley - oil painting, pastels - landscape and figurative works. Giclee prints available. From Scotland.

  • Jensen, Valrie - California artist. One of twelve design templates (referred to as Orthogons, derived from a square) forms the understructure for every piece. See Timeless by Design for additional wok


  • Keigley, Carolyn - Tahoe, Utah. Carolyn works mostly with dry pastels on a large scale. Her work is of winter mountain landscapes focusing on the beauty one finds in nature during the winter. Carolyn teaches art and art education on the college level and is a first/second grade teacher at Glenshire Elementary School in Tahoe.

  • Kilpatrick, Debbie - By Canadian Artist Debbie Kilpatrick, a Nova Scotia artist who specializes in sports art and other portraits and paintings.

  • Konicsak, Kitty - A former art teacher who paints abstract expressionist paintings in Ohio.

  • Koreshkova, Natalia - A Russian artist painting in the abstract and surreal style.

  • Korican, Leah - An artist who uses discarded plastic in her art.

  • Kraft, Trudy - Patterns artist... "works on paper are songs in praise of cosmic interconnectedness. Her universal signs and symbols - radiant hemispheres, leaves, dots, and spirals - point beyond themselves."


  • Lane, Susan - Paintings in the traditions of the Old Masters, using oil mediums formulated by the late Jacques Maroger. From Maryland, USA.

  • Loftus, Avy - A Montreal-based visual artist and batik designer.


  • Mary, Lyse - A French artist living in Sallanches, near the Mont Blanc, in the French Alps.

  • Morris, Jelene - She has a unique painting style and a great website.


  • Natalia Dolgova Kukunet - paintings showing the beauty, riches and culture of people inhabiting the North-East part of the Asian continent. (Chukchi, Eskimos, Koryaks and Evenkies). Natilie is from Russia.
  • Nhean, d'Emmanuelle - This Cambodian artist has a unique style. Site is in French.


  • Obo, Marina - artist from Paris, France. Arcimboldo style collage, Surrealistic collage, portraiture, Oriental style, Pop-Art and more. Be sure to see "La Carpe" and other collage creatures.

  • Okada, Corinne - California artist. Wire sculpture accented with mixed media collage. Assorted recycled papers, handmade papers, silks and more on wire armature. See Kimonos, insects (nature) and more.

  • O'Keeffe, Georgia, a famous western painter. See her beautiful paintings


  • Park, Seung Mo - She works in wire sculpture and wire mesh. Very unique!

  • Peters, Deborah - A cinematic artist from LA.


  • Rawson, Amy L. - beautiful paintings! Sculptures and fine art dolls.

  • Rensel, Sheree - This Florida artist has a unique style.

  • Richardson, Amanda - British artist. Paintings and textile collage.

  • Robertson, Stephanie Lewis - A fabric artist and department head of the art department at Ivy Tech College.


  • Shrager, Joan Myerson - Digital Photography, Figurative work and abstract work.

  • Sonheim, Carla - A book illustrator from Seattle.

  • Streeter, Katherine Whimsical collage- paintings. New York artists.


  • Tall, Cheryl - A virtual ceramic sculpture portfolio and gallery with pictures, events and resume. Take a look!

  • Tenney, Shawna JC - A children's book illustrator from Utah.

  • Tugwell, Kate - She is a portrait artist.

  • Tülay ÇELLEK - An artist from Turkey.

  • Turnsek, Katja - Pet Portraits and Wildlife Art. Unique and Beautiful Portraits by Katja Turnsek. Custom, hand painted unique pieces of art with guaranteed captured likeness and personality. From Sweden.


  • Urton, Robin - Paintings have a surreal and iconographic nature which evoke her personal spirituality. Beautiful framing that is part of the work. From Taos, New Mexico.


  • Vadhera, Geeta - Contemporary Indian artist.

  • Vierow, Judith, a quilt designer - paintings and prints


  • Yerman, Marcia - Don't be stopped by the image on her home page - her work is AMAZING! Drawing, gouache, collage, mixed-media, or large-scale oil paintings, the themes are powerful - dealing with world issues - family and more. Work is both narrative and symbolic in nature. See my favorite! If I Don't Do It - A great tie in for Renaissance units (playing cards).


  • Zweigart, Andria - Illinois artist. See jewelry, sculptures, paintings and prints. Interesting series on abstract shoes.

  • Zimmer, Bonnie - This Indiana artist specializes in modern sculpture.

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Bonnie Bishop

Bonnie Bishop asks, "I got involved in painting because of the TV show. I'd like to see a Gallery where people can send their art via e-mail and have their art posted in an internet gallery. If you know of such a place let me know. Your site is the closest I've come to finding a place. I'm sending you 2 jpg's of my paintings in e-mail."


See Bonnie's submissions here. By the way, you can go to Bonnie's personal page for more information about her and her family.