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  • Andrews McMeel, the largest collection of comic artists on the net.



  • Barsotti, Charles, a cartoonist for the New Yorker magazine.

  • Block, Herb - An exhibition of more than 16,000 images of this cartoon artist.

  • Braceland, Kathy - Pen and ink - cartoon art and more - Powerful social comment - Some work ties in with Days of the Dead. From Alberta, Canada. See her page on IAD.


  • The Cartoon Factory (Archive) Animation Art Gallery. This has many works done by the cartoon masters.

  • The Comic Strip, a large collection of cartoons from Nancy to Born Losers.


  • Disney, Walt - Where Magic Comes to You


  • Fei, Andrew - Kidzdom [Archive] - from Australia. Kidzdom is a fun website produced entirely by 16 year old Andrew Fei (now 31), a student who taught himself animation to "bring entertainment to children and children at heart around the world." The site includes a series of animated cartoons, colouring exercises for young children, as well as an excellent animation tutorial showing others how they can produce their own animation.


  • Gammill, Kerry - This artist's work has appeared in Marvel and DC Comics. He specializes in science fiction and horror. Buy a book of Gammill's work here..

  • Germain, Brian - His cartoons are created in his bg Studios.

  • Gladden, Stephanie - (Archive) A cartoonist who has drawn characters on Cartoon Network. She also has her own comic book called Hopster's Tracks..

  • Glasbergen, Randy, cartoons for business, advertising, and publishing.

  • GoComics - A large selection of about 600 syndicated cartoonists.

  • Greenhead, Bill Stik's - Homepage - Cartoonist from the United Kingdom

  • Griffith, Bill - SF Gate: Comics, the artist who brings you Zippy the Pinhead.


  • Indika Cartoons - A political cartoonist from Sri Lanka. Also see his Facebook page.


  • Jones, Chuck, the great cartoonist and producer of animated flicks such as Bugs Bunny, Road Runner, and many others.


  • Kim and Jason: The Comic Strip About Childhood - By Jason Kotecki. The site has the daily comic strip, which follows the misadventures of two young children trying to make straight the crooked world of grown-ups.

  • Kind, Jerry - An award winning cartoonist.

  • Knight, Keith - This syndicated African American artist does the Knight Life comics (Archive).


  • Langille, Steve - (Archive) This California artist does a comic strip called "Strange Breed."

  • Litu - The Shikwekwes - comic strip centering around the lives of an African family as they struggle to come to terms with the demands of the 21st century. Litu gew up in Nairobi, Kenya - currently based in Chicago, Illinois. See his page on IAD.


  • O'Hanian, Susan - (Archive) She has many education cartoons that are political.


  • Political Cartoons - Daryl Cagles's Professional Cartoonists Index.

  • Riddle, Aaron - The Best Turtle Comic Strip... Ever. Site of Aford T. Turtle


  • Shulz, Charles, the artist of the popular Peanuts strip. (RIP)



This is the last comic before Watterson retired.
Click on the image for the last strip.


Ken's Favorite Cartoonists


  • Blickenstaff, Stephen - I once owned a screen saver by Stephen called Screamsaver. It had some of the characters you see on his website. Unfortunately, the screen saver isn't compatible with today's computers. (See below for image)


  • Bloom County - Berkely Breathed's wacky penguin. Also see this same penguin in Opus.

  • Broom Hilda, Russell Myers makes this witch loveable.


  • Cagle, Daryl - The best cartoon site on the internet. See hundreds of cartoonists and subscribe to his list group.

  • Calvin and Hobbes - Bill Watterson's cartoon remains one of the best cartoons. Bill, please come back to the fold! Click on the image on the left for the full final strip.

  • Crock - Bill Rechin's parody of the Foreign Legion. (RIP)


  • Dilbert - Scott Adams' cartoon is for all who have horrible jobs- and for those who are blessed with good ones.


  • Far Side, Gary Larson uses cows to tell his story. Gary- please come back!

  • Foxtrot, by Bill Amend- Now who wouldn't love a cartoon character who loves Macs and Star Wars. Sadly, Bill has discontinued his weekday strip. It seems all the great artists burn out quickly. His Sunday strip continues, however. Click on the image below to see the full size of his last daily comic.


This is the last daily cartoon for Foxtrot before Bill decided to only do the Sunday strips.

Click on the image for the last strip.

  • Frank & Ernest - Bob Thaves cartoon with crazy, unshaven men.


  • Geech - Jerry Bittle's cartoon (RIP) - From dippy auto mechanics to a bartender with a bad attitude

  • Grimmy - Mike Peters must have had a very strange dog for a pet.


  • Life in "Heck" - by Matt Groening. Once again, another cartoonist has called it quits. You can find the best selection of this cartoon here. You can see more of his cartoons here.

  • Luann - Greg Evans cartoon about a family of teenagers.


  • Mauldin, Bill - (Archive) A great artist during World War II. His cartoons are still making the rounds today.

  • Mutt & Jeff - This 100 year old cartoon is now done by Pierre S. De Beaumont. I used to read this when I was a kid but can't find it anywhere now.


  • Pearls Before Swine - A cartoon by Stephan Pastis. This is my new favorite cartoon strip!


  • Schulz, Charles - The best cartoonist of all time. A few days after his death, his final Peanuts strip appeared. See also this page [Archive]. There is now a museum devoted to Charles Schultz called the Charles M. Schulz Museum. Click on the picture below to see the last Peanuts strip.


This is Charles Schulz's last strip before he retired. He died about the time it was released.

Click on the image for his final strip.

  • Shoe - Now done by Chris Cassatt and Gary Brookins. Owls never were so funny.


  • Tumbleweeds - Tom K. Ryan comes from the same town as the artist of the Garfield strip.


  • Zits - Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman team about life as a teenager.