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African Artists


Artists, Last Name First


  • Augie N'Kele - African Heritage - (Archive) Aluminum and wire sculpture. Augie N'Kele was born in Kisangani, Congo - now living in Fort Worth, Texas.


  • Brunhoso, Antognoni Angolan artist living in Holland. Mixed media, acrylic and oil painting.


  • Domingos, Sebastiao - (Archive) a wood carving artist from South Africa. Figurative work, animals and works that tell a story.

  • Dixon, Terry - (born 1969) Washington DC Artist. Abstract Expressionism with African inspired symbolism. Paintings - mixed media.


  • Sokari David Camp - Nigerian artist, based in UK

  • Seydou Keita - Photographer from Bamako, Mali (1949 to 1970).


  • Ousame Sow - Senegalese artist. Figurative sculpture.

African American Artists


Artists, Last Name First


  • Adams, Alonzo, an African American artist from the U.S. (Some images for mature students).


  • Barksdale, Corey - A prolific Atlanta artist, his fine art subject matter ranges from human figures to non-objective abstracts.

  • Bearden, Romare - An African American born in the Bronx.


  • Geter, Tyrone, an artist at the University of Akron.


  • Johnson, William - An African American Harlem Renaissance painter.


  • Marshall, Kanika - African-American artist from California. African inspired masks, figurines, breast cancer survivor jewelry, pendants, pins, and more. Home decorator items hand-sculpted from clay and adorned with African fabric, leather, and beadwork.


  • Lawrence, Jacob - A storyteller and artist who fought for freedom and justice.

  • Lloyd, Robert J., - (Archive) professor of art at Eastern University. See his images and commentaries.

  • Loveless, James - See the "art of love" - Portraits by the Loveless family. Saint Louis, Missouri.


  • Martin, Eugene J. (b. 1938, Washington D.C. - d. 2005, Lafayette LA) Realistic drawings to abstract paintings. Larger size images can be found on Artnet.

  • Mayfield, George C. [Archive] - African American artist. Still life, portraits and more. Paintings and 3-d work.

  • Morrison, Frank - Notable collections of Morrison’s art are owned by Queen Latifah, "Earth Wind and Fire" Ralph Johnson, Bishop T.D. Jakes, Pittsburgh Steelers Casey Hampton, Verizon, Russel Simmons "Phat Farm", WBGO, NY Jets D' Brickashaw Ferguson, etc.


  • N'Kele, Augie Kuyowa - (Archive) an artist from the Democratic Republic of Congo. He now resides in the U.S.


  • Osman, Mohamed Buwe, a native of Merka Somalia. Paintings are reflective memories of rich, diverse and adventurous experiences of life. Physician who is an artist.


  • Pippin, Horace - In spite of a war injury, this African American painted and created other art.

  • Pleasant, William (African American, 1928-1997). Figurative paintings and sculpture - Gestural in feeling. Email Pleasant for painting images you need for PowerPoint.


  • Saar, Betye - An African-American assemblage artist.

  • Sithole, Lucas (1931-1994) - site in memory of one of South Africa's most important sculptors showing hundreds of works from various collections around the world.


  • Traore, Souda - An artist originally from Switzerland and Mali. She specializes in sand paintings and sand sculptures. Her site is called Souda's Worlds.

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