Art Rubrics, Files, and Lesson Plans

Art Rubrics, Files, and Lesson Plans 

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Just for Teachers!

Files from users of Incredible Art Department


Lesson Plan Template

Lesson Plan Template

Lesson Plan Template

Monthly Calendar Template

Lesson Plan - Weekly

Noise Control - ART sign

Middle School Rubric
from LeAnn

Basic Rubric - Ms through HS

by Marianne Galyk

General Grading Rubric

from Woody Duncan

Rubric by Marvin Bartel

Angela's Elementary Rubric

Modified Rubric

Grade Descriptors Rubric

Self Assessment - Drawing

Final Grade This was a

self-assessment tool

Behavior "Quiz"

Behavior Referral Form

Behavior Rubric modified

from Teach-nology

Basic Art Rubric

Daily Grade Form

To Be a Good Art Teacher

Art-Best Job in Town

Behavior Contract


Classroom Expectations

Discipline Record Form

Behavior - Weekly Grade

Behavior - Success Grade

Sample Parent Letter

"Free Time" Assignment

by Marty Reid

Sample Final Exam - M.S.
by Maggie Tucker

Bloom's Taxonomy
Chart and links

Elements Handouts
by Joe Cox

Elements and Principles Tests

Ten Rules for Ceramics
by Joe Cox

Survival Kit for Life

Marty Reid BINGO Mixer

Wish List for Art Room

How Artists Get Ideas




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