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Web designers are sometimes included in the desktop publishing and graphic design profession. A web designer needs to have a good concept of design as well as knowledge in Flash, html, XHTML, CSS, PHP, jQuery, and java. Web language is in its 5th generation and designers have to keep up on changes in web design code. In addition, they also have to make sure their designs appear correctly in a variety of browsers and operating systems. This is quite a challenge.


Although there are now many web site creation programs (Dreamweaver is the most popular), a good designer still needs to go in and adjust the code now and then. A good web designer needs to keep abreast of ever-changing technology. Web designers need to know about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Their designs are not worth much if no one can find their site online. A nice thing about web design is you can have clients all over the world and converse with them via e-mail and upload to servers into client's countries.


Web designers are sometimes hired in internet service provider companies, design studios and ad agencies. Web designers in large studios or agencies many times meet with clients and acquire photos and information from the company for inclusion in a web site. Frequently, web designers are self-employed and design on a part-time or full-time basis. Required equipment includes a digital camera. for candid shots while a scanner is good for scanning photos and documents. Software that allows conversions from PICT, EPS, BMP, or TIFF to GIF or JPG, is needed for creating images.


Web DesignerWeb designers can also be entrepreneurs and create their own websites to generate advertising revenue. Google Adsense and a host of other companies will pay you by the click or impression of ads on their websites. In addition, affiliate marketers pay for sales generated from ads that are placed on these websites.

Web developers are on the technical end of the scale. Most are not graphical designers and focus on writing java scripts and code that allows a website to operate "in the cloud." This means it acts like a computer application that is independent of the operating system being used. They may write code that will enable secure log-ins, networks, and forms. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary of a web developer is $75,660 per year.


Job titles in Web Design

Web Designer

(Salary range: $25,328 - $67,615) [1]
A web designer lays out a web site and creates logos and art with various computer programs for uploading. They need to have a good knowledge of html, java, and cgi scripts. Various techniques for coding include forms, animated gifs, tables, frames, and other new technologies.



(Salary range: $24,898 - $74,196) [2]
A webmaster maintains a website and trouble-shoots website problems. Sometimes a webmaster is also the designer of the site.


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