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Free lesson plans! Ages 10-14

Some lessons posted recently:

Personalized Rubber Stamps
Grade level: High School
rubber stamps
Fabergé Eggs

Faberge Eggs: Ceramic Pinch Pots

Submitted by Stephanie Royko Willoughby, Eastlake North High School

Silhouette Sculptures
2nd - 5th Grade
Silhouette Sculptures

More free lessons!

Lots of links, art games, clipart
Boy in Chicago

There are literally thousands of art-related links in this section. See artists from around the world, visit international galleries, see student art work, blogs, art videos, and much more!

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Cartoon Lessons
Cartoon Guy
Follow the Cartoon Guy from Australia as he gives you cartooning lessons. These lessons are good for ages 5-12.

Is 2012 the End? Mayan Art and Culture

Mayan Art and Culture!

The end of the Mayan calendar in 2012 has brought a renewed interest in Mayan history, culture, art, and architecture. Several movies (2012, Apocalypto, and others) have covered the Mayan and their calendar as a prophetic harbinger of the end of the world.

Various conspiracy theories about Mayan prophesies have arisen such as the coming of the Antichrist, Planet X slamming into earth, a cataclysmic pole shift, and aliens landing on our planet to re-inhabit the earth [1]

In reality, the Mayans probably didn't intend the end of this period of time to declare the end of the world. They figured their ancestors would simply create a new one for the next age to come. Most the current Mayan ancestors say it is simply the end of an era. Because the Mayans of that time no longer exist, we will never know for sure. The continuation of the world after December of 2012 will prove even to sceptics that the doomsday conspiracy theories were not true. In the meantime, we enjoy the intrigue and mystery of the Mayan culture.


Teacher Toolbox
Best Practices

The Art Teacher Toolbox is a resource for homeschoolers and new teachers. You can read about art curriculum and instruction, discipline strategies, special education, NCLB, best practices, school law, view contests, and create rubrics.


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Clifton picture

Says Australian art teacher Gina Grant, "I thought you would like to look at some of my fourth and fifth grade self portraits. I had them look into a small mirror and then with a permanent marker draw their faces starting with their eyebrows and eyes, nose then mouth and then hair and jaw line.


Got a complaint?
Complain, complain!

Read student, parent, and teacher complaints and praises about art education. Have a peeve or praise yourself? Post it here.


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Jackson Pollock Mark Kistler's website allows you to follow along as he teaches 3D.


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