Art Time Out Writing Assignment

Submitted by: Carolyn in MA



Name _____________________________¬ ¬ Grade ________¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ Room_______


Date and time assigned_______


Fill in the blanks using your own words and COMPLETE sentences.

Think carefully about what you write.

Your parents or (insert principal‚€™s name) may want to read this.


What was I doing wrong?





What should I have been doing?




What can I do to improve my behavior in art class?







Parent Signature_______________________________________________________________________


Alternate Writing Assignment:



Copy the lesson and fill in the blanks with your own words. Be sure to title it "Time Out Lesson" and put your name in the top right-hand corner of your paper.


Date and Time assigned___________________________________________________________________¬ ¬ ¬


Reason for assignment ____________________________________________________________________¬


I understand that school is a place for learning. Every student in the United States is offered 12 years of free education. Not many other countries in the world offer this to their students. I understand that I choose how to use this time.¬ I can get an education and learn more about myself and the world around me, or I can waste this time.


I understand that (teacher's name) is responsible for many things. She needs to plan the art lesson and then do everything possible to help students understand the material. (Teacher's name) has a big job because it is not easy to help a class full of students.¬ When I misbehave, I am making it hard for her to do her job.¬ This isn‚€™t fair and I don‚€™t have the right to do this.


I understand that the other students in my class have a right to the best education possible.¬ When I misbehave, I not only keep the teacher from doing her job, I am also keeping students from getting the best education possible.¬ This is not fair and I don‚€™t have the right to do this.


I am here copying this lesson because I was sent out of the room. I was sent out of the room because




I understand that right now I am missing out on valuable art time.¬ Instead of learning, I am copying this lesson.¬ I understand that I made a decision to behave unacceptably in class and the consequence for this was being sent out of the room and writing this lesson.


I understand that I have the power to make good decisions or bad decisions.¬ When I make good decisions, I am rewarded.¬ In school, this means getting a good education and feeling good about myself as a student.¬ I understand that I deserve a good education and I have the power and responsibility to make this happen.


When I return to class, I will_________________________________________________________________




Behavior Quiz

Behavior Quiz
St. John‚€™s School Art Class

Linda Woods

Art Student Name________________________

Section: _______ Dates: _________

Behavior Skill


Rarely or Never




Most of the Time




1.  I wait quietly outside the art room and enter the room with a soft voice.





2.  I go to the discussion table quickly.





3.  I touch the demonstration items on the group table only if I am asked to.





4.  I raise my hand to speak in a group.





5.  I listen politely to others.





7.  I gather what I need quickly to get busy.





9.  I use my "inside voice" to speak to others at my table.





10.  I mark on my own paper unless a classmate asks me to join them on their project.





11.  If I spill something, I clean it up myself.





12.  I let the people around me work in peace.





13.  I remain on task throughout the class.





15.  When I finish early I find a new art project to work on quietly while others finish.





16.  I take good care of supplies and materials in the art room.





17.  I stop working to clean up on time, and I am a responsible member of my table team.





18.  As soon as I have finished cleaning up, I sit down at my table and wait quietly to be dismissed.





19.  I push my chair into my table when I leave.





20.  I walk all the way to my next class.