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Altered Shoe Sculptures

Submitted by: Sara Gant

Shoes are familiar, recognizable and necessary objects around the world. A shoe is a necessary and functional object, but can be decorated, colored, shaped and crafted in hundreds of different ways.


Bata Shoe Museum

Visit this site and look at the history of shoes to get a really good idea of variety and design constants through the ages.


Shoe Art exhibit (check this site before using with students)


SHOES become...

  • wings (butterfly, bird, angel….etc)

  • elevated platforms

  • an animal shoe sculpture

  • architectural, buildings, castles, skyscrapers, etc

  • people (Mr and Mrs, guy and gal, opposites, etc.)

  • conceptual (anti-something, making a statement, etc)

  • time-specific (roaring 20’s, pop art 60’s, seventies etc.)

Your assignment:

Transform a pair of shoes into an original depiction of an object, animal or person, or something that might depict a theme, using a variety of materials.


Grading Rubric:

A: Used a variety of materials, explored many options and ideas before settling on one idea.  Used sketchbook to work out ideas.  Created an original and unique work of art with outstanding elements of art and use of principles of design. Work was carefully and neatly completed with pride.


shoe sculptureB: Used a variety of materials, explored a few options, did some work in sketchbook, created an interesting and unique work of art. With a little more thought and/or work could be outstanding, but does well on its own.

C: Did not look at too many sites/examples before beginning project.  Used sketchbook a little to work out ideas.  Idea not really original, based loosely on someone else’s idea, could be a bit more fully developed.


D: Not many examples used as inspiration, little or no work done in sketchbook, uncaring attitude created sloppy work of art with little or no design principles, careless messy work.


F: Work late or not turned in, sloppy careless or unoriginal work done with bare minimum of effort.


  • Use clay slab sculpture to create a clay shoeStuff a sock and weave objects into it to make it look like a stuffed shoe.

  • Paint the exterior of the shoe with a pattern

  • Paint a shoe to look like the head of a dog. The toe of the shoe is the nose of the dog. Ears can be added at the top.

  • Make the shoe match a holiday. For example, the shoe could resemble a jack-o-lantern with a long nose for Halloween. It could be painted with a heart pattern for Valentines Day. Students could use a brush or croquil pen to creat calligraphy of the first few lines of the Constitution for Constitution Day, etc.