Some Thoughts on Portfolio Style

Some thoughts on presentation STYLE

To assemble our portfolios, we used Microsoft PowerPoint or Star Office Presentation software.



Use the PLANNING PAGE Word to set the order of your slides. Make notes in each square regarding what images and/or text will appear on each slide. If you use the planning page fully, you should be able to progress quickly through the portfolio set up.



  • Don’t use fonts that are difficult to read because of their design

  • Consider how big or small you will have to make the font- not all fonts look good if they are very big or very small

  • Consider the "message" a font style can send. Is your portfolio presentation formal? Is it fun or whimsical?

  • Avoid using too many different fonts in your presentation


  • Your name does not have to appear on the first slide but should appear by the 3rd slideportfolio

  • Dark text on a light background is a safe choice

  • Avoid excessive text on one slide- it is better to have more slides than have a lot of words and pictures crammed on fewer slides

  • Patterned backgrounds can be distracting- your art should be the most important part of the presentation

  • Consider keeping all the slides the same or similar color

  • "Frame" your images with a thick lined box

  • Think carefully before you have sounds, objects flying in the frames, complicated transitions, etc. PowerPoint has many "bells and whistles"- keep in mind you and your art are the most important!

  • Consider your audience- is your primary purpose for creating this portfolio to apply for scholarships? Show your art to friends and family? Have a record of your art experience? - How will the audience influence WHAT you include in the portfolio and how it is organized?

  • Speaking of organization- carefully consider the order of your slides. Whether for a scholarship application or for your Grandmother- KEEP IT INTERESTING! Begin and end your presentation with your very best work!

Amanda Linn, Harmony Grove High School

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