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Photography Final Exam

Student’s Name _____________________________________ Hour __________________


Photo 1 Evaluation


I appreciate your taking the time to sit with your son or daughter while they share their Artwork from this semester in Photo 1 with you. You will see the majority of work done in class this semester, hopefully in a well-organized portfolio! Although each piece may not be a finished work of art, or may even be a miscalculation, they all lead to the skills necessary to complete the more significant works. Your artist should be able to explain the methods and media involved in each assignment. The assignments listed were completed by most students.


Please place check marks in the appropriate columns and conclude by writing a brief evaluation of what you have heard and been shown. These pages need to be returned on our exam day. It is my hope that you will appreciate this closure to the semester, as much as I appreciate your feedback. This is the last component to our final exam.


I have seen       I have had the process explained to me

_____                _____                         Thematic photograms (two 5x7 and one 8x10 / two 12.7 x 17.7 cm
                                                             and one 20 x 25.5 cm)

_____                _____                         Artist’s statement, explaining the 8x10 photogram’s theme

_____                _____                         "Bird’s eye & Worm’s eye view" handout (detailing assignment)

_____                _____                        "Bird’s eye & Worm’s eye view" set of negatives

_____                _____                         "Bird’s eye & Worm’s eye view" contact sheet/log

_____                _____                         "Bird’s eye & Worm’s eye view" darkroom work logs

_____                _____                         "Bird’s eye & Worm’s eye view" tonals

_____                _____                         "Bird’s eye & Worm’s eye view" tests

_____                _____ "Bird’s eye & Worm’s eye view" 8x10 (20 x 25.5 cm) final print

_____                _____                         Artist’s statement, for the 8x10 "Bird’s eye & Worm’s eye view"

_____                _____ Function of an f-stop on a camera and an enlarger

_____                _____ Function of the shutter speed on a camera & timer on an enlarger

_____                _____ Photographer’s Report MO handout

_____                _____                         Photographer’s Report

_____                _____                         2 Images copied for report

_____                _____                         "Expression and Personality" handout (detailing assignment)

_____                _____                         "Expression and Personality" negatives & contact sheet/log

_____                _____                         "Expression" darkroom logs (tonals, tests)

_____                _____                         "Expression" 8x10 print

_____                _____                         Artist’s statement, for the 8x10 "Expression"

_____                _____                         "Personality" darkroom logs (tonals, tests)

_____                _____                         "Personality" 8x10 (20 x 25.5 cm) final print

_____                _____                         Artist’s statement, for the 8x10 (20 x 25.5 cm) "Personality"

_____                _____                         3-Dimensional Photo Art handout

_____                _____                         8x10 (20 x 25.5 cm) 3-Dimensional Photo Art (pop up)

_____                _____                         Matting MO handout

_____                _____                         An example of a mat

_____                _____                         An example of peer feedback

_____                _____                         An example of burning

_____                _____                         An example of dodging

_____                _____                         An example of cropping

_____                _____                         An example of the "Rule of Thirds"

_____                _____                         Other work-please identify

_____                _____                         Other work-please identify

_____                _____                         Other work-please identify

_____                _____                         Student’s Self Evaluation (attached)

_____ I am satisfied that my son/daughter understands the processes of making and printing an image using darkroom equipment.


Parent Evaluation:

I appreciate your documenting this conference with comments on any of the following aspects of your son or daughter’s work (you may wish to refer to the assignment sheets for additional criteria):

  • assignment responses (ideas)

  • composition (set up or cropping of the shot)

  • visual interest of photo (subject matter)

  • sensitivity to subject matter & craftsmanship

  • use of light and shadow, pattern and contrast

  • creative-problem solving / stick-to-it-tiveness

  • own insight about work

Also please include any comments you have about this semester or suggestions for making next semester’s course more enriching.


Thank you for this feedback!


(leave space for parent comments)


Parent’s signature______________________________________________


Note From Judy Grochowski:

[This idea came from a Getty TeacherArtExchange list member many years ago who never had student leave work behind.] I emailed her privately and she was kind enough to share her letters and forms with me. Essentially, what is done in our case (but again, can be adjusted to suit the class) is that the day we take down our art exhibit (which is at the end of our semester-literally the last class day), the kids all bring a large box (if needed - my Photo students don't need to do this, but my 3D students do need to). All of their work goes home and they take this checklist, which covers everything we've done over the semester. They are to have a student-teacher conference during which they go over all the assignments, and then their parents write an evaluation, which the students carry back on the very last day (in our case, exam day). This gets all the work out of the room and home! Puts the parents in the loop! Provides closure to the course! And nine times out of ten, when they write the evaluation, they also write a thank you to me for everything their child got out of the class. This is like gold! Additionally, if I have a student who is not doing their work, when they sit down with their folks, the reason for their grade becomes very apparent! I have had parents tell me they wish every teacher did this.