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Photographer Research Report

Submitted by: Judy Grochowski

Photographer’s Report (MO)              Name______________________________

Handout originally distributed on 9/9/04


For this report assignment, you will select and research a photographer and his/her work. You are asked to commit to a photographer by Monday, Sept 13th.  Once decided, there are many books in Room 300 which may be used for reference; however, these must stay in the room. Feel free to use them here during class or after school. You may use the Media Center once a week for serious research during these next three weeks; however, passes will be issued after your work logs are completed.  I am also available for assistance after school.


Your product will be a handout to share with your classmates. It is to be word-processed, in no larger than 12 point font.  The introduction will explain your reason for selecting this photographer. In bullets & phrases cover at least 7 of the following:

  • Full name of individual

  • Date and place of birth & indicate years of life (and if still living)

  • How influenced-by others in field of photography

  • How influenced-by circumstances in life

  • Awards, fellowships, grants, etc. (explain nature of award)

  • Typical subject matter of photographs made by this artist

  • What this artist is trying/ tried to communicate

  • Typical style of work

  • Geographic places this photographer shot

  • Significant contribution(s) to photography (or the art world)

  • What they themselves said/say about their work (quotes OK)

  • What others have said about the work

Include 2 examples of this person’s photography, either photocopied (from a print source) or computer generated images (from an electronic source). These visual images need to include the photograph’s title, year made, must be at least 5x7 inches and of good visual quality (i.e., readable-not overly pixelated) to be displayed in our classroom.

Also, you will need to list at least 3 sources you used for research. Please do so in the following manner: (print source: title, year of copyright, author, publisher / electronic source: address [complete http], title, author, copyright year)


Please provide copies of your research-with the information you’ve used highlighted. Your original handout will be displayed with the 2 images you’ve selected.


Design a name sign to display with the 2 print images in the classroom. The nametag needs to be readable and visually pleasing.  A sign made at the last minute, or with little thought or care will earn no credit.


Whoever reads your report should have a sense that they ‘know’ your photographer. There will be a comprehensive quiz on this information. Each photographer report will be used to design the quiz.


You will be expected to present from your handout information about the artist you select in class. This will occur on your group’s non-darkroom day. You are responsible for knowing the information on each photographer, so keep track of these handouts, even if you are in the darkroom when the presentation is made.


Progress check: __________________________


Final due date: ________________ Photographer selected______________________________


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