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Elementary Art Rubric

RubricThis is how I would use this rubric:

Type in project title, main art concepts and lesson objectives. Under Teacher’s comments, write in a general statement about what outstanding work looks like (expectations for Outstanding or S+). Then photocopy for the entire class. The first time I use this, I would pass out the projects and the rubric to the students. Read the criteria and goals (explaining importance of each one) then have students assess themselves for each criterion. Circulate around the room to check for understanding.


Collect work and rubric and assess yourself. Under Teacher’s comments, explain why your evaluation is different from the student’s and find time to talk with that student individually. Once students have a chance to see how the rubric works, they will begin to understand their grade better and will work for improvement. Require parent signature for the first time…optional after that. This way you get the parent on board right from the start.


Alter headings above to match your grading system.


Mastery = Outstanding = Plus

Advancing = Satisfactory = Check

Novice = Needs Improvement = Minus


Basically, for each criterion and goal, Mastery/Outstanding is always or almost always, Advancing/Satisfactory is making progress, Novice is needs improvement/rarely meeting goal. For those of you who are required to write in the benchmarks for each level, these clarifications may help.


Project: _____________________________________________________________________

Name     ______________________________      Date ______________     Class ___________




Mastery – 3 pts

Advancing – 2pts

Novice – 1 pt


Developing skills at grade level – Shows growth - takes risks to discover

I produce high quality, creative work. I show originality and take risks to learn new.





Understanding and application of Art Concepts and lesson objectives

I apply all art concepts, especially those stressed for the project. I solve problems myself.






Participation and effort

I always participate in class and always use class time well






Use and care of Materials

I used all materials appropriately with no reminders. I always clean up








I always follow all classroom rules and never cause a classroom disturbance. I am Always helpful.






S+=15-11     S=10-6     NI=5-0                                                                                  Total


Art Concept (s):


Lesson Objectives:


Teacher’s Comments:


Parent Signature: _______________________________________ Date______________


Elementary Rubric – Original author unknown

To earn a plus:
    I produce high quality/creative work.
    I apply all skills, especially those stressed for the assignment.
    I participate in class and use time well.
    I solve problems and work independently
To earn a check plus:
    I produce quality work
    I make an effort to apply skills, especially those stressed for the
    I participate in class and use time well.
    I try to solve problems and usually work independently.
To earn a check:
    I produce acceptable work
    I apply some of the skills that are expected for the assignment.
    I usually participate and use time well.
    I sometimes solve problems and work independently.
To earn a check minus:
    I produce work of inconsistent quality.
    I rarely apply the expected skills for the assignment.
    I sometimes participate and use time well.
    I rarely work independently or solve problems.
To earn a minus:
    I produce no work, or work that shows little effort.
    I do not apply expected skills.
    I do not participate or use time well.
    I do not solve problems or work independently.

Adapt for those of you who use  O   S+  S   S-  U

For those who want to use "Heart – Head – Hands" adapt using those symbols.


Above Rubric is the combination of three different rubrics