Collection of Art Rubrics

Ceramics Bowl-Shaped Rubric

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RUBRIC: Ceramics: Shaped Bowl

Teacher Name: ________________________________________

Student Name: ________________________________________


Ceramic Bowl Rubric

Basic High School Art Rubric

Basic High School Rubric


Fish Design and Pattern Rubric

Submitted by: Kathleen Arola
Grade Level: Elementary ( 2nd and 3rd Grade)


Name ____________________________________________ Date _____________________

Rubric For Fish Name






Clearly draws shape of fish

Uses at least 5 patterns

Makes name stand out legibly

Demonstrates neatness


Additional Teacher Comments



Additional Student Comments



Art education, teacher, graphic arts, illustrator, art school, design


Standards Based Rubric



Group Project Participation Questionnaire

NAME:______________________________________ DATE:_____________________


Directions: Answer the following questions about what your group did and what you contributed to the group project. The more information you honestly provide the more points you will receive.


1. List names of people who were in your group? Evaluate each member on effort and participation. Explain reasons for lower grade (other) on back.

____________________ 10 9 8 7 6 (other)

____________________ 10 9 8 7 6 (other)

____________________ 10 9 8 7 6 (other)

____________________ 10 9 8 7 6 (other)

____________________ 10 9 8 7 6 (other)

2. Describe what your group created for the (name of group project). Who or what was the main subject? Where did it come from? What time period did it come from?

3. Describe what you did to help your group prepare for the project. Did you find the image to use (or what ever was required)? Did you make a preliminary sketch? Did you look up the factual information to put on the back? Did you collect the necessary supplies?


4. Describe what you contributed to the artwork itself. What was your responsibility for completing the work?


5. What is your judgment of the finished project your group created? Did your group do a good job? What are the good points about it? What would you improve or change if you had time? Complete answers on back.


Surrealism Rubric

Student Evaluation Name ________________________

Unit: 7th Grade Surrealism Section ______________________



LeAnne's Rubric


Possible Points

Your Score

Teacher's Score

Craftsmanship (Is your work neat, filled in entirely? No white spaces?)

0 - 4




0 - 4



Effort & Participation (Did you work on the piece the whole time and work with the group?)

0 - 4







Directions listed by project or unit




1. Did you work as a group to complete your section of the work?

0 - 4



2. Did you give thought to the colors used?

0 - 4



3. Did you use your chosen media effectively? Ex: Did you use shading with Colored Pencils..? Did you cover the area entirely with magic markers? Did you overlap and blend oil pastels?

0 - 4



4. Did you divide the image effectively so everyone worked on the same size section?

0 - 4



5. Did you work with your group to mount the sections onto poster board?

0 - 4







Name:     Teacher:

Project:  Color the Masters Grade: 7th


Ratings: 4 Excellent 3 Good 2 Fair 1 Poor