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Ice Breaker & Art Bingo

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Becky Thorton used this with her sixth grade students:

Students signed their name at the bottom and I let them get five people's names twice (not including themselves, but they could include me (which was hilarious, they would say "Do you know the primary colors?" to me!). I didn't know if I would have anyone born in another country in one of my classes, but as it turned out, I did! It was good for the lefties... they were very popular, the child born in another country, the child who could speak more than one language and sadly, for the two children who had been to a museum!


I have some work to do here -- getting students to go to an art museum!


First one to get a regular bingo (verified to see if the students could, in fact name the secondary colors, etc.) won art supplies, markers and a cool glittery pencil and the first one to make a verified coverall won more art supplies… markers and colored pencils and a ruler. The students seemed to enjoy the game. This is the first year these kids have had an art teacher. Last year, they went to four different schools. This year, they are on two different teams, so art is one of the few classes that they mingle with the other team.


bingo board

Art Vocabulary BINGO

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bingo board


Bingo words