Handmade and Altered Books


Jeanne Bjork Handmade and Altered Books BJORJEA@pewaukee.k12.wi.us


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Stitching detail and book cover


4      5
Inside page and open book


 6      7
Manuscript and map


 9      10
Stitching detail and open book


 3      8
Open book  Cover


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Inside - Outside Drawings

Submitted by: Cindi Hiers



On one of the first days of class I hand out a 9x11 drawing paper and tell the students to make 2 compositions, one on each side. One side depicts their inside while the other side depicts their outside. I tell them any medium and any style is acceptable and encouraged, a critique will follow. I use this project so the students get used to being in the classroom and where the supplies are kept, they talk about their work, and they start working at a "quality" level right away. I assigned this in class on Thursday (don't see them Friday) and made it due the following class, which was Monday.


Critique was your standard:





Describe: Materials


Analyze: How you put the materials together

Interpret: What it means

Judge: Class discussion


Questions? Feel free to ask, have fun with the lesson! Suwanneecrew@yahoo.com