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Sacred Circles and Rose Windows

Sacred Circles

7th/8th Grade

The "circle" is the one constant in all religions and beliefs... be it Native American, Tibetan, Christianity, Hindu, or others. Students were to treat their circle as emphasizing the "inner light" of the human spirit using their hands as the common thread. Materials used were black construction paper and white colored pencil... with the aid of a dinner plate. Students practiced working with shaded values of white pencil on black paper before attempting the drawings seen here. It is amazing how very unique each student's sacred circle has taken form.


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creating hand drawings creating hand drawings


sacred circle drawing


hands in circle drawing


hands in sacred circle drawing


hands in circle drawing


hands in sacred circle drawing


hands in circle drawing

Rose Windows

7th Grade

students creating rose window pictures

Part of the 7th grade curriculum is to study Medieval architecture. Prevalent in the churches of the time period were Rose Windows so we discussed how they were constructed, leaded, and added to the upper walls. Students also learned how many of these windows were constructed in symmetry giving a developed radial design. We decided we would construct our own.


Each student was given some "pie" shapes to design their own symmetry design. Once chosen, they constructed their circle on tagboard, found the center, divided into twelve equal sections, and traced their design to fit into a "pie" shaped area. This pie shape was flipped and traced again. This continued until the circle was complete and formed a radial reflective design. The coloring was done with markers. Each alternating "pie" was done in value or color opposites of it's alternate. Here are some of our "windows."


rose window drawing rose window drawing

by Tim W.

by Mel S.

rose window colored pencil drawing rose window colored pencil drawing

by Lauren F.

by Colton A.

rose window drawing rose window drawing

by Alex S.

by Maxine G.

student creating picture


Notice Lauren's "pie" shaped pattern which has been traced around the center point of her circle AND her legend of colors in the corner so she won't forget the colors she is using.



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