Op Art Cubes and Repousse Masks

Op Art Cubes

7th/8th Grade

After studying color mixing, we moved into warm and cool color combination theory. We viewed artwork by Victor Vasarely and noticed his manipulation of warm/cool colors to achieve visual movement within his art pieces. As a class we each made our own visual 3-D piece (cube) with emphasis on compass construction and warm/cool theory. The cube was designed in a flat stage using a template and the commonality of each cube was concentric circles at opposite ends of the main "face" of the cube. This commonality was the thread that held our cube "sculpture" together. If you look closely at the pictures, you will see how a part of one cube's circle blends into another cube's circle arc... which makes for a fascinating classroom community sculpture.


Op art cube Op art cube

Designing the commonality of the concentric circles. Click on the images above for full size.


Op-art cube

Repousse Masks

7th/8th Grade

"Repoussé" is a French word meaning to push down or to indent something. It is an interesting technique used by artists to add texture... both visually and physically... to an object. This is the method we used to make our metal masks. Using 36-gauge metal, we punch our patterns into our mask design and then "counter repousse" the opposite side to further enhance our piece.

Ribbons, Beads., Feather Assortment., and other adornments are added as well as color with permanent ink pens. Finally we attach them to a stand. These are approximately 18-20 inches (45.7 - 50.8 cm) when finished.


See many more examples of repousse masks from Waunakee Middle School art teacher, Ms. Wagner-Marx.


Repousse mask Repousse mask Repousse mask


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