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Folder Art, Line, and Matisse Papercuts

Name Folders

8th Grade

Since our 8th grade art class had such big finished flat artwork this year, we needed extra large folders in which we kept our art. For the cover art we wrote our name LARGE in big Sharpie Fine Point Markers. and added florishes to the letters - just enough to make the name design interesting. THEN we turned our papers all different angles to find something recognizable in our design. India ink. additions were added and students finished their art with Ultra-Fine Point Markers.. Below you can see an example of how it was done.


Name folder drawing

"Shane" was written first and florishes were added.


Folder cover drawing

by Arly D.


Folder cover drawing

by Brandan O.


Folder cover art

by Annie S.

Name folder design

A figure was found and additions were added with sharpies.


Folder cover art

by Paul N.


Folder cover art

by Teruyo U.


Folder cover drawing

by Ashley A.

Line Designs

7th Grade

By marking dots randomly on the paper, students connected these in varying thicknesses to make a design using only lines. Students used either Ultra-Fine Point Markers. or Crow Quill Pens. and India ink..


Ink line design

by Danny

Ink line design

by Kerry

Matisse Papercuts

7th and 8th Grade

After studying Henri Matisse's life and looking at his works... both in painting and in papercutting... we observed his use of color, line, and direction. The students designed their own papercut art using only colored Construction Paper., Elmer's Glue., and Scissors. to construct a pleasing, balanced, free-form design with overlapping colors. The first three projects you see here have an overlapping of six colors each and the bottom project has only four overlapping colors within the design.


Matisse papercut

by Meaghan

Matisse papercut

by Courtney

Matisse papercuts

by Kim

Matisse papercut

by Kelly


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