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Altered Books

7th/8th Grade

One summer Mrs. Kramer visited the local Danville Community Library and discovered a giveaway of old discarded books in the corner of the front entrance. Upon asking the front desk, she was told they would be hers if she could carry them all to her car... which she promptly DID... thus... a new project was born! This was the beginning of our ALTERED BOOKS.


Students picked out their favorite book in the pile offered and decided on their particular theme... horses, paintball, fashion, colors, weather elements, dreams, etc. After working on different painting techniques like sponging, credit-card scraping, paste papers, etc., it was time to bring in items from home to add to our covers and pages.


We started by painting the covers with Gesso. and decorating the outside first. Here you will see some of our covers.


Next we started our pages by collaging, painting, weaving, sewing, making pockets, and glue pages. After five weeks Mrs. Kramer had to FORCE the class to stop and bring the books to conclusion. Below you can see some of the pages done by students. Just wish we could have had a whole semester to work on these!


Altered Book image Altered Book image Altered Book image Altered Book image









Hand and Ribbon Books

This was a unit working with ink texture studies... hatching, cross hatching, stippling, and visual texture designs. Students were asked to draw their hand holding a ribbon. The ribbon flowed from the center of one side of the paper to the center of the other side and winding around the fingers in between. All hands were copied on the copy machine with enough copies for each student in the class to have one from each class member. These were bound together accordian-style into a book form. You can see below how the ribbons flow from one page to the next.


Hand ribbon ink drawing


Hand and ribbon ink drawings


After making our books, students casted their own hand in Plaster Gauze.. These hands were painted and glued to their book front. The books were bound with their original ribbon.


Ribbon and hand drawing

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