Islamic Tiles and Mandalas

Students creating Islamic tiles

Students inking their lino block and radial printing.

Islamic Tiles

7th Grade

We looked at several versions of Islamic tilings examining shapes, colors, design and spacing. Next we cut our individual 3" (7.6 cm) tile stamps from E-Z-Cut Printing Blocks which are thick enough to provide each of us with two sides so we could make two different designs. Using Block Printing Inks., we made our tile prints on 12x18" (30.5 x 45.7 cm) colored Construction Paper.... placing the tile prints in radial symmetry. After the ink dried, we colored the designs with Cray-Pas.. Crystal Clear Acrylic Spray Paint. was used as our fixative. Directly below you can see how we began.


Islamic tile Islamic tile


Student creating Islamic tile

Jack printing his design.


Below you can see some of our student works.

Islamic Tile

by Jack M.


>Islamic tile

by Andriana T.

Islamic tile

by Coleen G.


Islamic tile

by Meaghan N.

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Personal Mandalas

Students viewed mandalas from many different cultures around the world. They reflected on their self-interpretations of personal symbols to create their own mandalas.


These mandalas were constructed on black paper first with white pencil then layered over the white pencil with colored pencils to intensify the colors.







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