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Abdul-Ali Bin Salman's Cartoons

Abdul-Ali Bin Salman

"My name is Abdul-Ali Bin Salman. I live in Pakistan and am 8 years old and am in Grade 3. I live in a small city Sheikhupura near Lahore and my School is in Lahore, The City School Ravi Campus. My Father is a Doctor and my Mom runs a school for poor kids in Sheikhupura. I have one brother who is in grade 8th."


"I love to draw and sketch with Pencil. I love Cartoon Network and animated movies. I am crazy for cars and I design my own cars. My mom has made a page for my drawings on the facebook "Pencil Drawings of Abdul-Ali's World". My Favourite book is 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid.' because he draws cartoons on his diary. I like to draw cartoons also."

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drawing 1       drawing 2


car drawing       neon car


drawing 5       drawing 6


drawing 7       drawing 8


robot drawing       drawing 8