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Mike Moore's Cartoons

Mike Moore

"It is in everyone's best interest to have mentally healthy teachers."


Mike Moore is a professional keynote speaker, educator, and cartoonist. He is the recipient of his county's Distinguished Teacher Award. For over 30 years Mike has been speaking to teachers throughout Canada and the United States on how to manage teacher stress, avoid teacher burnout and cope with difficult people inside and outside the profession. He uses humor in hiw speeches to help motivate teachers and improve their attitude. Michael Moore's teacher appreciation cartoons are found here.


Here are some of his cartoons:

recovery room           cartoon


retirement home




teacher perk


Here are some of Mike's motivational quotes:


"I want teachers to celebrate being part of a noble and vital profession not endure it as another of life's stresses"

"Teachers don't exist to be the dart boards of society. They are an important player on society's educational team."

"Any society that thinks nothing of paying its athletes millions to throw a ball, or swing a bat while reluctant to pay it teachers a professional wage is experiencing a crisis in values"