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caroline mabey

My name is Caroline Mabey and I am 46 years old. I have been a writer/illustrator on and off for many years. I have had previous work published (1986 Bertie Books – Bluebell Publishing under the name Carol Burt). 180,000 books were sold and the Co-Op food chain featured them in their stores in Northern England. My inspiration for the books was my son Grant who was 2 years old at the time.


Since my series of Bertie books I have spent the last 16 years concentrating on my career as an executive PA (it pays the bills). However, I now feel it’s the time to start showing my work again. I recently had a children’s book published called the Adventures of Rufus and Friends which I illustrated and wrote. I also have many manuscripts which haven’t been in print and am currently looking for a new publisher.


Current manuscript titles are:

  • Bertie Series (Board Books) (Pre-School)

  • The Great Teddybears Picnic (6 years onward)

  • Zoe Pebbles & Jo Jo (Pre-school upwards)

  • Bertie says Don’t Talk to Strangers (6 years upwards)

  • Bertie Safety Activity Book (6 Years upwards)

  • The Adventures of the Wide Mouth Bullfrog (Pre-School)

The Rufus series is a spin off from the Bertie books (Rufus is featured as Bertie’s dog). Although the Bertie Books were board books for very young children, my other books are for slightly older children (except the Widemouth Bullfrog which is also for pre-school children).


My artistic medium is mainly pencil/pastels and ink. I also write horror novels and currently have a book of short horror stories published under the name of Caroline Sztaba.


Below are some of Caroline's cartoons (Click on the images for full size)


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