Kathy Braceland's Cartoons

Kathy Braceland

Artist and cartoonist Kathy Braceland was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. She says she first started drawing on the walls of the womb. Kathy attended her first formal art class when she was six.


"I remember it well," says Kathy. "The teacher held my painting up to the other kids and went into great detail of why no one should ever paint like that."


For the past ten years, Kathy has been busy with her art. Her styles include abstracts, surrealism, realism, optical, cartoons and anything else she bloody well feels like. Some of her most popular work is her skeleton art, which has been showcased in The Edmonton Journal and the Edmonton Examiner newspapers. She also draws one-panel cartoons for several newspapers across the U.S.


You can find Kathy's website here. Here are some of her cartoons: