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Sue Galos' Art Room

Unicorn art


Welcome to the former art room of Sue Galos!

sueSue Galos recently retired from St. Clair Secondary School of theLambton-Kent school system in Ontario, Canada. Sue graduated from the University of Western Ontario with a major in fine arts. Sue wanted to be an art teacher all her life.


In her retirement, she likes to paint pets and landscapes and she's experimented with the abstract. She says that she uses color as a "moving force" behind all her work. Rich colors and tones, along with various textures give her paintings a unique look.


The art on these pages was done by her students.


Relief prints - Black on white and color hightlights

(These can be wood blocks or linoleum prints.)



Frog print

Dog print

Click on images

for full size

Relief print

Motorcycle reduction print


Color Reduction Print - Surreal Portrait - Frida Kahlo

Linoleum Printing Vocabulary Handouts

Dog reduction print


[ Watercolor Lesson Plan | Watercolor Rubric - Experiments ]


These flowers are similar to the work of Georgia O'Keeffe


O'Keeffe Watercolor Flower      O'Keeffe Watercolor Flowers


Watercolor and Rubber Cement Resist - Rubber cement is put in small squeeze bottles and then applied.

After the watercolor is added on top, the rubber cement can be rubbed off with fingers.


Rubber Cement Resist      Rubber Cement Resist


Optional: Experimental Watercolor Techniques (Watercolour techniques)


Watercolour technique      Watercolour technique


Watercolour technique      Watercolour technique


Watercolour technique      Watercolour technique


Watercolour technique

Watercolour technique


Watercolour technique


Corel Draw Portraits - (Below) Learning the tools of graphic software.

These go with the art lesson located at Lesson Plan & Handouts


Corel Draw Portrait      Corel Draw Portrait


Watercolor and Charcoal

Double Portrait                                 Self Portrait                                              Self Portrait


Double portrait      Self Portrait      Self Portrait


Watercolor Figure Studies


Watercolor Figure Study      Watercolor Figure Study


Grotesque Drawing - Grotesque Assignment - Distorted Pastel Portraits

Distortions can be created with curved mirrors or elongated grid pictures.


Distorted Pastel      Distorted Pastel      Distorted Pastel


Pastel Distorted Portraits      Pastel Distorted Portraits      Pastel Distorted Portraits


Figure Value Study


Figure Value Study      Figure Value Study

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