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Jeannie Sandoval's Art Room

Welcome to the Art Room of
West Hall Middle School
Oakwood Georgia
Art Teacher: Jeannie Sandoval


Jeannie went to a Rauschenberg workshop and came back with lots of new ideas (Robert Rauschenberg). Students extended the project with various collage and painting techniques. Shown are just a few of the examples. Basketball figures are printed on a painted jersey background. Football players are mounted on multiple layers of Construction Paper then glued to a football background. Seated figure combines Rauschenberg style painting with transfer images. The figure is printed both on the inside and outside of a piece of Plexiglas covering the work.


[ Painting and Color and Drawing and Design ]


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For this printing project, Jeannie chose a theme of figures. She took digital pictures of students in their desired pose. The students drew the pose then transferred the drawing to linoleum. Negative spaces were cut away using a variety of different patterns. Faces were deliberately left without detail. After printing several prints the traditional way, students were given the "challenge" to extend the project. Many different results were obtained - some are shown below. See Lesson Plan for details.


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Jeannie's ceramic projects were inspired by a post made to Getty Teacher Art Exchange List Serve. These lessons were well received by her students. Shown is a Pop Art hamburger (see work of Cleas Oldenburg) painted with acrylics. The tile project has both carved and added relief. It can be glued to a base board then filled with grout. Various decorating options could be used - glazing, underglazing or painting. The hand project gives a great opportunity to learn about the style of an artist of interest. This student chose to decorate his hand in the style of Mondrian. A lesson plan on sculpting hands can be found on the Utah Museum of Fine Arts site - Rodin: Sculpting Hands PDF.


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Lesson Plans by Jeannie Sandoval

Digital Self Portrait Scratch board - manipulated photograph in Photoshop.

Relief Print - Action Sports - Monoprint Challenge -after printing one image - student create a larger work with multiple images using a variety of media to embellish (examples above).

Middle School Lessons (Seven basic lessons for P's and E's)