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Pollard Middle School

I am an art teacher at the Pollard Middle School in Needham, Massachusetts. We have had a course in computer art in the 8th grade for several years. The computer is treated like a tool to be fueled by the intelligence and creative ability of the the person in front of the screen.

The first lesson is completely done in black, white, grays and patterns. Design and subject matter are determined by the overall page dimensions. At left is a picture done by Andrew. After this introduction, the circus is looked at as a distorted mirror of life exaggerating all of our habits and traits.

Small version of Liz's Trees

Andrew's Picture

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The clown, in his/her exaggerated persona shows us ourselves in a non-threatening way. Scanned images, (we were given several by the local AGFA company) may be added. In fact, anything to further the entire effect is fair game. Experimentation is the key. Expressive color enhances the mood. At right you see a clown by Julie. Click on all the images for the full size version!

- Gail Rosenthal

Julie's Clown



Clown              Small version of Amy's Picture


Emily's Picture

julie's Clown

Clown by R.Y.

Rachel's Clown



Right: A clown done by Jessica.
Above: A car done by Amy.
Below Left: A Train Station by Emily
Below Right: Clowns by Julie
Bottom left: A clown by R.Y.
Bottom right: Clowns by Rachel