Cecilia Laureys' Art Room


Cecilia Laureys - former art teacher at Marywood-Palm Valley School. The two campuses of the school are called Mary O'Neill and J. Blake Field in Rancho Mirage, CA


Marywood-Palm Valley, California

Cecilia spent 17 years as artist and Assistant Director in the animation industry. She also did illustration for children's books and magazines. Some projects include the Rugrats Movie, Wild Thornberries, Chuck-E-Cheese, book and magazine work for Scott Foresman, Harcourt Brace, and NY Times Magazine. She taught art to 4th through 12 grade students.


Cecilia is well known on the internet for her lesson plans on creative ways to render hands. She encourages the use of fantasy, surrealism, and other methods. She uses the hand lessons as the final lessons for her Foundations in Art courses for grades 7 - 12.


Below are some of her students' artwork:


Cecilia's Art Lesson Plans on IAD:

Hand-Scapes Pencil Drawing

Hands in Art

See more in this PDF document called, Hand-scapes. PDF


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