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The Art Room at Army Trail School

Artroom at Army Trail School

The images on this page are low resolution because at the time of the submission of this work, most people were accessing the internet with old fashioned dial-up modems. They were compressed so they would load faster for most people. Regrettably I didn't save the original images that were not compressed so this is as good as it gets!

American Gothic

We studied Grant Wood's American Gothic in fourth grade because this painting represents such a great slice of Americana. This lesson covers history, artistic choices, and artistic skills. After we have studied the artist and his work, we discussed how we would create a painting like American Gothic. This lesson revolved around basic shapes and directions. We related background as a means of telling the total story. The students have a total of 3 art classes for this lesson; an introduction and practice day, a painting day, and a final lesson for cleaning up and detailing the finished piece.


American Gothic children's painting      American Gothic children's painting      American Gothic children's painting

Computer Images

Artroom at Army Trail SchoolThe computer graphics below were created by fifth grade students. After one 45 minute class introducing ClarisWorks 4.0, the children were allowed an additional 45 minute class to create their own paint image. There weren't detailed goals, as I wanted the students to explore computers as an art form. We have access to 3 Macs in our art room, so some students had to wait weeks for their turn. I was extremely impressed with how willing they were to share their knowledge with others. I was concerned that some of the children would have to wait 3 months for their turn, but it may have been a benefit. They got to watch the other children before doing their own project.


Computer Picture
Computer Picture 2
Computer Picture 3
Computer Picture 4


The third grade lesson using patterns as a way to fill in large areas is based on a lesson in Art & Activities, March, 1996, Victoria L. Rippeon. We discussed placement and size requirements fore backgrounds. After drawing a few basic pieces with a fine black marker, the children were asked to fill them in with repeating patterns. This continued for the entire class. Near the finish, they were offered an opportunity to fill in some areas with crayon. The following week, the same concept was repeated, but this time creating one large animal on colored paper. After filling in the main areas with patterns, the animals were cut out and glued onto the background.


Lion picture      Whale picture


The bird lesson is based on Rainbow Bird, by Eric Maddern. After hearing this aboriginal fable, the children create a tail for the bird using chalk pastels. Then they practiced creating a jungle bird. The following week we created the final bird using crayon and marker. After cutting out the bird, we cut out the tail, altered the paper to make it 3 dimensional and attached the tail. This lesson was with 2/3 grade children.


Bird Picture      Bird Picture


The boots represent Clothing as Art. After discussing how much art is involved in the clothing we wear, I read The Armadillo Rodeo, by Jan Brett. Then we looked at a pair of real cowboy boots. As a final experience, we practiced drawing the boot shape. Once this was completed, the children got to practice creating a design for their boots. The following class they created a new pair of boots and water colored the larger areas. The final class was devoted to detailing and cleaning up the edges. The fourth grade children we impressed with how much art is involved in their lives.


Cowboy Boots picture      Cowboy Boots picture      Cowboy Boots picture